Steam Summer Sale - Some awesome adventures on sale

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#1 Posted by Illandriel (2 posts) -
Hey guys! :) I noticed that nobody in this forum mentioned yet, that there are also some really good adventures with a discount of up to 75% at the "steam summer sale". E.g. The Night of the Rabbit The Daedalic Bundle Jack Keane and many more Greetings, Illa
#2 Posted by ais_bn (1 posts) -

Thanks for the tip about JK! I've already bought the Daedalic bundle and am waiting for a 75% discount on the Rabbit.. can't wait to play them! :)

#3 Posted by Dudersaper (32949 posts) -
I got the Syberia Bundle.
#4 Posted by KakashiMorph (46 posts) -
I got the night of the rabbit and to the moon so far. I can't wait to play them. :)