Steam just died ?

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#1 Posted by Assimilat0r (745 posts) -

Cant open single page on steam, except Library after F2play madness happened with Left 4 Dead 2,.. from steam daily reset till now (and still cant) open anything except Library. Any of you have same problem ?

#2 Posted by Treflis (11718 posts) -

Yes, My guess is the amount of activity probably caused some servers to crash.

#3 Posted by spike6958 (4977 posts) -

Yeah, pretty pissed. I was looking at today's deals and it just died.

#4 Posted by platinumking320 (667 posts) -


Aha! Okay. So Thaaats what that error code was. Whew! I guess I won't need these anymore. *tosses away defibrillators*