Stealth Inc 2 a Wii U exclusive

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"I guess we really wanted to expand what we did the first time," Biddle explains. "One of the things with the original is because the levels are very short and built around this punishing loop, where you make a mistake and get sent back a very short time. They’re very cerebral, but also very precise. If you play too many of those levels in a row then you get burnt out very quickly. You’ll come back later as you enjoy it, but playing too quickly you get frustrated. So what we wanted to do was smooth that out a bit so you have the same gameplay but you’re able to have some downtime.

"What we’re doing with the sequel is still having that test chamber-based gameplay, but we’re pulling back. A clone will escape from the test into the facility at large, and then we’ll have a Metroid-structured game that sits in front of the test chambers. So you’ll explore the facility with a classic Metroidvania structure using abilities, getting to different areas and enemies in the exploration structure, but it’ll be more leisurely paced as regards the test chambers that you find and then enter in order to rescue the clones from within. There’s this dual-layer of gameplay so there’ll be intense tasks to do when you want, but also you can pull back and explore when you want to do more relaxed things. You’re not up against the clock any more so, if you can’t figure it, go off and leave it."

"What we wanted to do this time was weave the equipment more fully into the game, to make it more of an integral part," he says. "Now we have the idea that the facility is testing lots of different gadgets. The first game was the goggles, but different areas test different things. In the first part of the game you’ll explore where the goggles are made and do tests based on them. Then you move onto a new section and explore another bit of equipment. Complete those tasks and beat the boss, you’ll unlock that bit of equipment to use in the exploration area. And so on and so forth to build power and access new places."

“Whenever a Wii U game gets announced, people clamber all over it," Perkins admits. "We really feel being a bigger part of that smaller selection of titles could be good for us. We will be doing other Wii U games as well. To really, properly give Iwata a hug. We’re not nervous. It’s a good decision for us."