Star Wars KOTOR 1 or 2???

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So i recently bought a copy of each and i find myself playing the 2nd one more and more over the 1st one. I really want to play the first one more because i like the story a bit more but the problem is its VERY glitchy on my 360, im almost thinking about getting an XBOX for 20 bucks just to get a better experience. Did anyone else have similar issues with the 1st one?

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Neither was glitchy for me but I could not get into the second one at all and I tried at least 3 times.
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Ok I only played them on PC so I don't know much about the issues with the Xbox version. I prefer the 1st one so much more because even though it started slowly, it picked up very well from the 2nd planet onward and I had so much fun playing it. The 2nd KOTOR is great too but I feel like there's something missing with it because I never really feel like I was engaged with the game. Well KOTOR 1 was made by Bioware so it was kind of expected
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its not that its incredibly glitchy, it for the most part runs pretty smooth...just when i get in contact with not one but several different enemies and my squad is engaging, the games framerate isnt so smooth and it skips, sort of like its lagging...i didnt know if that would be normal for the experience of KOTOR on the 360 or if its only my system that does it
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Haha, Bioware games are always a glitchy mess no matter what console you are playing them on (the only exceptions being ME2 and ME3, at least in my case). It's practically part of their charm, aside from being horrible and potentially game-ending. ;)

But seriously, there is a potential game-ending glitch in KOTOR1 you had better be mindful of. Basically, at one point, you *might* find yourself in a situation where you have to select a character to help the rest of your characters out of a jam. *If* the character you select happens to use stealth/invisibility, make sure you turn the stealth OFF before you interact with any plot-specific objects.

The ABSOLUTE most important thing to do when playing KOTOR1 and 2 is to save OFTEN and to save in DIFFERENT SPOTS. Don't overwrite the same data constantly! Keep at least a couple old saves! It could save you a lot of grief later. I speak from experience!

Now, when it comes to KOTOR1 and 2 as games, I have very specific feelings. I feel KOTOR1 is the most cohesive overall experience. If you can only play one, it should be that one. That being said, I think KOTOR2 is a much better game than KOTOR1 in almost every way *until* the last few hours of the game. Unfortunately, as you near the end of KOTOR2, it becomes painfully apparent that the dev team was rushed to finish the game, because the final dungeon of the game is both sparse and horribly anti-climactic. The ending of KOTOR2 is literally boiled down to one conversation with one character, followed by a shot of outer space, followed by the ending credits. It's even more sad when you go online and read just how *much* content was cut from KOTOR2 due to time constraints. KOTOR2 really could have been incredible, but its ending was so rushed and anti-climactic that it just kind of ruined a lot of the tension that the game was trying to build in its numerous dark plot threads.