[SPOILERS] Mass Effect 3 Ending confusion

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I just finished playing Mass Effect 3 and in the ending I got only 2 options: Destroy or Control. This obviously means that my EMS was NOT more than 2800 otherwise I would've got the Synthesize option as well. I chose the Destroy option and it showed the Reapers getting destroyed but the Big Ben was intact and the soldiers celebrated. Now after this there was a scene of the Normandy crashing on an unknown planet and Joker, Liara and Garrus coming out of the ship. But according to the mass effect wikia: If EMS is 4000+ then three crew members will exit in the Destroy and Control endings; Joker and two of the player's most-favored crew mates. My question is, when my EMS is obviously below 2800, how did I get the last ending (i.e three crew members exiting the Normandy instead of 2)? Here is the link http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Priority:_Earth#Aftermath