Splinter Cell Blacklist Side Missions

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I love Splinter Cell Blacklist...in fact I love the stealth genre in general and am exploring as many as possible... I finally finished the Grim side missions so I could get the best stealth gear, and am trying to do other side missions like Korbin's to earn more money to upgrade the Paladin and upgrade my gear to have the best for the remaining campaign missions. I'm finding that the side missions seem to be exponentially harder (for me anyway) than the main campaign missions, mainly because checkpointing and saving is different. I dont exactly breeze through them in 2 or 3 tries, so you have to do the entire thing over and over again every time, and if you shut down the game after a checkpoint, you can't save it like it does during the regular campaign missions, so you go back to the beginning when you start again. It's frustrating, but I do enjoy the gameplay, so it's not making me mad the way, say, an all combat mission would eventually.

Anyone else feel the side missions are worse in this manner...or have any tips for trying a different approach to playing...??


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It's part of the challenge,just be patient.

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They are challenging. I remember dieing a lot but after a while you learn strategies and paths to make it easier.