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So I have read so many articles about Spec-Ops that I finally gave it a try and finished it last night. I guess I was expecting something a bit more profound with the story since everyone was talking it up so much. Well I guess it does go against the grain of typical shooters a tiny tiny bit by showing you how decisions can be mistakes.

Besides, the fuel for all the killing in the game comes from insanity correct? I mean, the voices in a the main characters head was his own insane thoughts because the man he was chasing to the end was dead right? So, in the ending of the game, I shot myself for being insane. Am I not understanding the story correctly?

A better story could have come from the idea of a soldier understanding that he was no longer fighting to protect what was important to his/her beliefs, people or constitution, and was simply fighting to push the political will of his/her own government around the world. because I've killed a hell of a lot of Russian etc. in past games lol. When do I get to kill armies full of englishmen, or how about Austrailian lol. Pointless banter i guess haha.

Probably one of the most profound parts of the game was during a load screen after I died. The text showed 'How many Americans have you killed so far?' Made me think a bit

I think it was a decent shooter and the story was a bit different than usual, but thats all. Whats your opinion?

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I kind of love and hate this game but mostly I think I appreciate it for what it was trying to do. I thought it was an interesting take but at the same time the game should have let me make my own mistakes without pushing me through a linear story and into making decisions I didn't want to make only to turn around and tell me that I was duped. I knew that was happening when the game made me do it - it just pissed me off. Then again the devs said they wanted people to be pissed off and agitated with the linear nature so it's really hard to say.
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The story is based on Heart of Darkness, one of the most important pieces of literature ever written!

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I thought this game was brilliant. I can honestly say, I have never played a shooter like this, and I dont think Ill ever play an other modern military shooter after playing this. I love dramatic experiences, so to play a dramatic game as a satire of modern military shooter, was just brilliant!! 

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It isn't so bad.

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I thought it was pretty profound. the whole idea that he found himself in an impossible situation, fighting and killing American troops for survival, losing his team, and finding out that the man he was tracking down had been dead the whole time. And then realizing that it all happened because he overstepped his orders. It was all his own fault and it broke his mind. The ending is much more profound if you don't shoot yourself in the bathroom.
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So the soldier goes awol, i get all that but i looked at the story like if they shoot at you then you shoot back, the ending was silly as the protagonist is moron that shouldn't have been in the army to begin with. He should have been locked up in a nutt house for hearing voices, they should make a horror game with him is as the protagonist in a run down Asylum. Were playing a super soldier considered Bobby badass with regenerating health.


The best part of the game was when the civilians hung that soldier and you got to open fire on about 20 civilians like fish in a barrel i wanted to do that so bad and the game let me. It took me about 10 hours to finish the 13 chapters and is longer then i was expecting. The gun play is really the shine to the game imo. I'm not saying it's amazing but it's better then Gears of War, but not as good as Max Payne 3. The AA12 shotgun: the best gun in the game" at least the funnest is not available until the last 15 minites of the campaign? When i killed that boss and picked it up i downloaded a trainer just so i could have enough ammo to finish up the game with the amazing quality of that gun and let me tell you those 15 minutes flew by. All in all i liked it.