Someone help me with Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Here you can see my map, When I finish 01XAF, I go to some place unknown time unknow. just bottom on the pic. but I have no other place to go to procced my story mode, any one can help me here. Thanks!

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Memory is really vague now, but I think you need to go back to Bresha Ruins and enter a new gate in there You should be heading to Sunleth after that. I don't the remember specific times.

If that fails, try looking for a walkthrough and find where you're up to. Good luck.

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I had to use a walkthrough for that game. It's a lot of back tracking and hidden stuff you will wander about for hours and days looking for obscure things. Didn't mind the game overall but it's game world wasn't much fun to explore so I didn't have the patience for too much getting lost in it.

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@capcomchen: go and search for a wiki or a walkthrough, if i am not mistaken you have to go back, but i am not sure to when. It's a long time since i played it. Just go to youtube and search for a walkthrough and skip to the part you have trouble with

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Or you can just play a better game.

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I don't think anyone can blame anyone for using a walkthrough for that game. The challenge is more overcoming bosses then trying to find where to go next.

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My Man, you saved me. I pass it. Thanks! you are right, I have to go back to open some gate with out any tip. it sucks.

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@capcomchen: You're welcome. Have fun. ;)

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I had to use a walkthrough and even then I had trouble unlocking the bare minimum sections to beat that game. Awful game design.