Some cartoony graphic style MMORPGs with turn based combat?

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I love these type of games with that type of combat system and cartoony graphics but there are not much of them out there, so it seems. To give you idea of it it should be something like Myth War 2 or Wonderland Online.

I did play Atlantica Online and it has turn based system just as I like but that has no cartoony graphics and I don't really like it for that reason. I played Myth War 2 and Wonderland Online for long time and I have beaten them multiple times so it's boring now, wanna play something new. There was another game called Destiny Online what closed right after I discovered it, so that's sad. And then there are games like Ecol Tactics, Dofus and Wakfu what are cartoony with turn based battle system, but not the kind of turn bases system I like. It is very different system than Atlantica Online or Wonderland Online. I'm more a fan of Final Fantasy type of system rather than Might & Magic type of system, to give you some more popular examples. Where battle happens not in a field of squares where you can move around but rather instance where you can only attack, defend, etc and them move back to your position, like Final Fantasy games or Atlantica Online.

So yea I was thinking maybe you big gamers could help me. Maybe you know some good games like that? I try to search myself but failed to find anything. So now I'm stuck with single player RPGs like Southpark but I really wanna play with other people in a MMORPG. I mentioned only free to play ogames above but pay to play are also ok, I don't mind paying for a game I love. Could be old or new, or not released yet but upcoming in future so I could lurk it until it's released and not miss it, etc. Would really appreciate help. Thank you!

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So nobody knows anything? Anything similar to what I'm looking? Any help?

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The problem is when you say "turn based". I mean before that, you have Guild Wars, WoW, ES:O, DCUO, and plenty of other good options. But turn based isn't common in MMO games, because it creates problems with a fluid game world.

Sorry, but I'm an avid MMO fan and don't know of any current games on the market with turn based combat

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Yea it's not that common, sadly. But how does it crate problems with a fluid game world? Can you explain? I don't get it. :/

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Really nobody knows? Any help? Somebody? Anybody?

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Have you looked into wildstar yet? not turn based but a very cartoony MMORPG coming out soon.

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Have you looked into wildstar yet? not turn based but a very cartoony MMORPG coming out soon.

Yea I've heard about Wildstar. So far it just seems like a generic WoW clone to me. In terms of graphics and also gameplay. Looks like just another generic MMORPG. It's hyped up cos of advertising, that's all.

But anyways, it does not have interesting combat. I hate that hack and slash fighting. It's almost no strategy there. It all comes down to pretty much reaction time of fingers, in games like GW2 for example, but at least that takes some skills. In some games like WoW it's even worse, it's all mindless button spamming without any skill whatsoever.

Comparing turn based battle system like FF to generic MMORPG system like WoW or GW2 is like comparing FPS game like Titanfall to RTS game like Starcraft. Can't imagine myself ever be interested in generic MMORPG fighting system, I find it extremely boring.

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