Somatosensory vs. Zombies are you interesting?limit free for 3days

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Are you tired of the "Touch" mode games ? Now, you will enjoy the New gameplay(Touch-free" Mode). Just move your body ,blinking your eyes to fire the bullets, kill the Zombies. Yes, you can enjoy the game just with your head and eyes. The itunes link: Open the door of the devil, then, Zombies are released and they are coming up to you with aggressive. Look out, they are getting closer! Please move your body and head to control the gun , keep the focus on the zombie, zoom sight through face close to the screen, and narrow sight through keep your face far away screen, blinking your eyes, shooting! shooting! kill it! Watch the Video on YouTube: Features: Frontal Camera is Required "Touch-free" mode control the gun with moving your head Kill the Zombies by blinking your eyes Fire bullet through blinking eyes Survival Challenge game Display Mode of your choice ,Video Mode or Schematic diagram mode Tips stabilize your iPhone/iPad Switch the display mode by clicking on the video area You should have patience, Do not swing your head dramatically Try to keep your head in the center position [Supported Models] -iPhone4SiPhone5 -iPod touch(5th) -iPad2iPad3 The itunes link: