So SSX Tricky is supposed to be a good game?

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#1 Posted by Nismology (648 posts) -
Not liking it so far - The controls feel non responsive, half the time your boarder doesn't jump when they're supposed to, and what the hell's up with not being able to turn while crouching!?? Even if you let go of the spin/flip controls while you character is the right way up in the air, most of the time the game automatically puts in an extra spin so you land on your head! The courses suck as well. Sudden chasms where you easily fall to your death and loose your tricky meter, really claustrophobic course design, that make you feel like you're on rails, with no freedom to go anywhere you wish. Rails and ramps are really awkwardly placed so they're near impossible to hit, and there's too much stuff to crash into to prevent you landing the trick! I also hate that there's a time limit in showoff mode, what's the point?! Why is this game so widely heralded? Everyone says it's the best snowboarding game ever made! What am I doing wrong?
#2 Posted by i_noseworthy (1581 posts) -
Well, it WAS considered a great snowboarding game... but many years have passed. I think the control issues for you are user error. It's been a damn long time since I played it, but I'm pretty sure you can charge tricks with the digital pad while aiming and correcting your character with the analog stick. Other than that one small "defense" for the game, I have to say I hated every minute of it back in the day. I agree about the claustrophobic level design, HATED the character design, and the "Tricky" music that played ad nauseum was so grating I had trouble playing the game. Seriously, the song itself is absolute garbage. Being forced to hear one little snippet followed by a loud "HuH!" every time is just sh*t flavoured icing on a rotten cake. Give me SSX 3 or even on tour any day, hell I'd take the original over Tricky. It's a mess.
#3 Posted by BatCrazedJoker (1978 posts) -
When SSX Tricky first came out it was one of the best and in my opinion it is still a very fun game to play.
#4 Posted by nintendoboy16 (26493 posts) -
I played only one race of it and I thought it was pretty fun.
#5 Posted by CodingGenius (8118 posts) -
Yes. It's a lot of fun, very over the top and great for 2 people to play vs. I really enjoyed it, and SSX 3 is a lot of fun, more realistic.
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Just got SSX 3, and it's a much, much better game. Controls are more polished, tracks are more plentiful and better designed, graphics look a lot nicer too. I'm tempted to get the new SSX game on 360, looks pretty nice.