So few, even nothing, RPGs on this E3?

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Can't say I've followed this E3 very detailed, but from what I saw, there were no RPGs announced or discussed... maybe few...

Maybe I've skipped something?

Can someone who followed E3 more throughly inform me of RPGs mentioned, announced and discussed?

What is happening with RPGs lately?

And yeah, I'm interested in PC and Xbox 360... nothing nintendo related... which is sad, because all RPGs get released on nintendo systems :(

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The JRPGs as a genre are sadly in hibernation. :( I don't really recall hearing anything the WRPG front either though; we certainly heard nothing about Dragon Age III, for instance.

Apparently there's a mobile RPG from Kemco coming out, but it looks/sounds pretty generic:

Really wish we would've heard something, ANYTHING about Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but ah well.

I... I miss the PS1/PS2 days where there were so many quality RPGs that there wasn't even time to play them all.

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Those were the good days! I played like 2-3 games a month... I've got the time, the money and many games to play... now I have only money, time is the issue, but even if I do have it, there is nothing to play!!!!

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I follwed the coverage fairly closely and it has been a pretty slim year at E3 for RPG's.

I didn't see any sign of it at E3 but quite a bit of coverge of Ni No kuni was shown at a London gameshow which I forget the name of now but if you like JRPG's then it looks like one to look out for.

Otherwise a lot of games at E3 could be considered at least partially RPG with my favourites being Dishonored and Metro Last Light.

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I was just about to start a similar thread and you're right, I havent seen anything. It seems like the publishers have given up on the idea of making a AAA jRPG and there wasn't anything in the offing for wRPGs. This might be resulting from the fact that most devs seems to concentrate on a single title these days and with ME, TES and TW2 ALL having released last year, thats it for the major studios until the end of their next dev cycle, probablly 2-4 years from now. Theres a new Dragon Age in ht emaking but its still pretty early in development.Depressing.

Its time for some new blood, and for the Japanese devs to get off their asses and make a major AAA jRPG. I don't get why they seem so reluctant to try, recent console jRPGs havent been that sucessful, but they've also been fairly cookie cutter. The exceptions are Xenoblade and Last Story which really have the fans excited AND THOSE ARE WII GAMES!

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Baldur's Gate Enhanced is supposedly arriving the 28th this month. Might be worth checking out, especially for those that haven't gotten around the originals yet and are in dire RPG need. Baldur's Gate is praised to be one of the best RPG series there is, so enhanced edition might make it a little more thrilling to the eye. I will check it out.

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It is sad indeed that the RPG genre isn't what it used to be. I think they've been replaced by games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. So far I know only two companies that still make RPG games. BioWare and Bethesda. Bethesda makes good RPGs and so does BioWare but as we have seen from how often BioWare releases DLCs for ME3 and how often they are pushing out games it's obvious EA rushed them therefore they couldn't put all the things they may have wanted into it. RPG games are my favourite kind of games. I love developing you character, making your own choices and exploring the world created by the developers.