So, Black Ops 2 wont even load for me. Let's talk about Treyarch.

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Rented PS3 BLOPs 2 yesterday from Redbox. Was looking forward for some hot CoD action which I am ashamed to admit I get a craving for every year. (I know im part of the problem)

Anyway, I am asked to install Patch 1.03. I've played enough of the CoD games to not be surprised by the fact that a 6 day old game has 3 patches. In fact, I believe we were upto five patches around this time with MW2.

So I download and install the patch. The PS3 restarts like it always does after installing a patch, but the game itself freezes on the initial loading screen. That's it. It doesnt even get to the menu. I uninstall the patch, load up the game, refuse to install the patch, test the offline mode and the campaign works fine.

I googled it and it looks like Activision is aware of the issues. Apparently patch 1.03 was supposed to fix these issues but it ended up introducing more issues. I am ok with framerate issues, servers crashing and lag but this is unacceptable.

It's really sad that this is EIGTH Call of Duty game this gen and we are still going through these issues. It;s Treyarch's FOURTH game on the PS3 and they are still bricking PS3s. Unbelievable.

[spoiler] I want my free redbox coupon back you bastards!!! [/spoiler]

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I got the game for the 360 and haven't had any problems with multiplayer, but campaign has had two glitches that have forced me to completely restart missions I was a long ways into (this is more frustrating because I'm playing on Veteran difficulty).

That being said, a general lack of polish at launch is unfortunately hardly a rare thing these days. Look at the recently released Assassin's Creed 3, or Bethesda's ongoing problems with Skyrim on the PS3... not saying that doesn't excuse Treyarch and Activision from the problems on the PS3, but they're certainly not the only ones. And I still blame Sony for many multiplats being inferior on the PS3 compared to other systems because of the Cell.

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Treyarch has some seriously poor programmers, what can I say? Still, they do make great single player campaigns.
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I wasn't really planning on picking up Black Ops II anyway. The first one had enough issues.
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No problems for me on the 360, patch was downloaded and I was playing in under a minute. A lot of developers are having problems with the PS3 architecture this generation it seems.