So are you getting an Xbox One, PS4, both, neither?

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Posted by ghstbstr (8774 posts) 8 months, 10 days ago

Poll: So are you getting an Xbox One, PS4, both, neither? (56 votes)

Xbox One. 11%
PS4. 45%
Both. 20%
Neither. 25%

I will be getting both consoles, and I just can't wait! I have a PS4 on layaway at Walmart that I will get it on payday(11/21/13), and I will get the Xbox One after christmas if/when they available.

I can't wait to play Killzone Shadow Fall, Need for Speed Rivals, Assassin's Creed Black Flag on PS4, and I really can't wait to play Dead Rising 3, CoD Ghosts, BF4, Ryse Son of Rome on the Xbox One!

#1 Posted by ghstbstr (8774 posts) -

This new generation of games will be soo awesome!!!

#2 Posted by txr302 (1288 posts) -

Not for awhile, maybe couple years down. But I'll get a PS4.

#3 Posted by Floppy_Jim (25431 posts) -

Both consoles eventually or just the PS4. Depends if I have the time for both moreso than anything else.

#4 Posted by Namgis (3570 posts) -

Only have plans to get the PS4('16). Ninty and MS have not offered me anything spectacular that warrants a purchase. That being said, if they have some exclusive games in the future that I must play, I'll pick up the console(s).

#5 Posted by TF626 (592 posts) -

I've owned both the Xbox and PS systems, but I will be getting a PS4 first. I will be getting both next year

#6 Posted by Randolph (10346 posts) -

Xbone this week, PS4 early next year.

#7 Edited by nyc05 (10162 posts) -

Got PS4 last Friday, getting XBO this Friday.

Feels so good to get the new generation of gaming underway.

#8 Posted by Bigboi500 (28804 posts) -

PS4 in 2014, Xbox One in 2015 or later.

#9 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (22911 posts) -

PS4 is my Christmas gift (already in the house, just not hooked up yet), and the X1 I'll be getting Friday and playing all weekend. Can't wait to play Dead Rising 3 and Forza and Killer Instinct!

#10 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4320 posts) -

PS4: NOW :)

X1: Maybe next year around the holidays.

Wii U: Hopefully beginning of next year.

#11 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4320 posts) -

PS4 is my Christmas gift (already in the house, just not hooked up yet), and the X1 I'll be getting Friday and playing all weekend. Can't wait to play Dead Rising 3 and Forza and Killer Instinct!

I envy you for Forza!

#12 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20394 posts) -

i'll be getting a ps4 eventually. i'm waiting for some more games and to see what i'm paying for with gaikai.

#13 Edited by marcheegsr (2431 posts) -

Already got the ps4. Getting x1 In the early new year with all that Christmas money. FORZA 5!

#14 Posted by Archangel3371 (15158 posts) -

I'll be getting both. Xbox One should be sometime just before Christmas and the PS4 will be early next year.

#15 Posted by Telekill (4226 posts) -

PS4 Is the only next gen system I'm buying. I don't like the X1 or WiiU.

#16 Posted by Zijuun (93 posts) -

@Telekill said:

PS4 Is the only next gen system I'm buying. I don't like the X1 or WiiU.

Me too. PS4 is awesome. WiiU is meh. And Xbox One is **** for it's cost.

#17 Posted by The_Last_Ride (69064 posts) -

Getting PS4, the X1 won't be here until next year and it's going to be nerfed as hell with no apps or anything and it's 100 bucks more. No thanks. US will get the only stuff that matters with X1

#18 Posted by chiro4life06 (26 posts) -

Picked up PS4 this past weekend and am loving it. Will definitely being getting Xb1, but not until sometime in 2014, or 15.

#19 Posted by BranKetra (47503 posts) -

I will be getting a PS4 and Wii U which is not being talked about. The Xbox One has potential, but I will probably wait for a price drop if I ever decide to buy one.

#20 Posted by Gargus (2147 posts) -

Got a ps4 already.

Ill probably get a xbox one after next years holidays if the price has dropped and it has some games on it I want.

#21 Posted by Gibsonsg527 (3313 posts) -

Im getting both. I wont be missing out on any games this generation.

#22 Edited by MirkoS77 (6866 posts) -

Already have a PS4 and am loving it. I'd get a One but not until MS removes mandatory Kinect. I'll probably get the Wii U when Nintendo launches its next system and it's dirt cheap.

#23 Posted by chicknfeet (15621 posts) -

:( none of those games appeal to me. So i'll be waiting until they get some appealing games (plural) before i get a new console

#24 Posted by immortality20 (7955 posts) -

Xbox One in a few days probably, unless I decide to PC last minute. I will then probably get a PS4 in 2015 or so because I HATE missing out on great games. Couldn't imagine having not played Uncharted 2 or Galaxy this gen, even though 90% of my time was on 360.

#25 Posted by withe1982 (450 posts) -

Same as I did this gen. Getting PS4 early next year when a few decent games are released then Xbox one in 2015 to enjoy all the exclusives I've missed out on.

#26 Posted by sukraj (21641 posts) -

I'm getting a Xbox One this coming Friday.

#27 Edited by gold_struck (55 posts) -

@txr302: same like you will wait for the dust to settle maybe an year and after release of more awesome titles :D

@immortality20: Uncharted 2!!! Damn that is the best in Uncharted series you should play that. it deserves 10/10 better than U3. RENT OR BUY its a must play still love e'm ^_^

#28 Posted by RimacBugatti (1172 posts) -

Picked up PS4 at Best Buy for the midnight launch. Was pretty fun considering that was my first midnight launch. I was going to try to borrow some cash to get the Xbox One for the midnight launch. Either way I'm getting one although I haven't seen either console in action because even my PS4 is waiting to be opened on Christmas. That Killzone and that Forza 5! Mostly looking forward to GT6 on PS4 and Uncharted 4.

#29 Posted by Jacanuk (3695 posts) -

Getting both as i did last gen

PS4 and Xbox one next year and a Rift this year instead.

#30 Edited by kbaily (13042 posts) -

My husband and I talked it over and we didn't see the appeal of either console. I like my Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda so I will eventually get a WiiU for those, but everything else, we're going to stick with our PC. The next gen systems with all their updates and patches are behaving more and more like PCs and with our computer, we can upgrade it, we have access to those great Steam sales. It's backwards compatable. So basically unless some really cool exclusives show up for Xbox One and PS4 that we absolutely must have, we going to pass on this console gen.

Also how can anyone afford both at launch? That's over $900 plus the cost of games and accessories. The Xbox One is almost as much as my rent. Must nice to be rich.

#31 Posted by sukraj (21641 posts) -

That's it I wish I could afford to get both but I can't so I'm just happy to get one console.

#32 Edited by iHarlequin (1789 posts) -

WiiU, but only a year or two from now.

#33 Posted by insanegame377 (332 posts) -

I'll probably be getting a PS4 a year from now, and maybe Xbox One further down the line if the quality of games holds up.

#34 Posted by fully87 (26 posts) -

None of the games are good enough to buy a new console this early on, Will wait until christmas 2014 before purchasing a Xbox One, There should be alot of exclusives out by then, A new Halo, Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, D4 etc. There will be alot of big multiplatform games out by then also that look awesome like The Division and Elderscrolls Online.

Right now though the current generation is were its at with DarkSouls2, Destiny, and the Southpark game all out early next year.

#35 Posted by RimacBugatti (1172 posts) -

Well just found out that I will be attending the Xbox One midnight launch as I'm going to borrow the money. I look at it this way. This may not happen for several more years and these could possibly be the last consoles so it's worth it to me. I'm pretty pumped up by the way as that Forza 5 looks insane. I have a computer but I have had issues with the software not the hardware. I'm not thrilled about having to buy the Kinect in conjunction with the system but I'm trying to ignore that factor... Other than that I'm anxiously waiting and This is sounding to be a really great gen. I hope for the sake of the gen that Microsoft sells well so that it's promising enough to support this console for years to come.

#36 Posted by MirkoS77 (6866 posts) -

I remember how everyone was saying how they weren't buying the One after the shit they attempted to pull, how the tides have changed.

#37 Posted by NicotineKid (1475 posts) -

Buying a PS4.

#38 Posted by bowchicka07 (1069 posts) -

Neither for now... way too expensive and not enough titles to justify spending that much. Not to mention the hardware and network problems they will have. My goal is to have an Xbox one by the time Halo 5 comes out.

#39 Edited by SirWander (5176 posts) -

I plan on getting a PS4 when Final Fantasy XV comes out.

#40 Edited by bigt503 (36 posts) -

I wish I could justify getting both but I cant with a new truck and a new mortgage haha So i'll be getting a ps4 just because I like the exclusives a little better. Big fan of the uncharted and infamous series. never really cared for halo, but ill have to miss out on any new gears game they do.

#41 Posted by GamerOuTLaWzz (9 posts) -

Neither. Sticking to my PC and Ill probably buy a Wii U in the future .

#42 Edited by XenoLair (4755 posts) -

Nothing yet. They cost way too much right now. Maybe 2 years down the line I'll pick up one of them... the one which has more games I like.

#43 Posted by Shame-usBlackley (18266 posts) -

This poll mirrors recent polls, which indicates the Xbone is in trouble.

#44 Posted by ObxChillin (115 posts) -

Xbox One is gonna have way better games than PS4 and all the good games like Destiny and ESO are coming out for both, no game for PS4 can compete with Halo or Titanfall,

#45 Posted by Pedro (20992 posts) -

Niether, I will take one if its free though. :) At the moment neither system is exciting me enough for a purchase and the incomplete to pending feature list is currently a problem for me.

#46 Posted by DarkCatalyst (20930 posts) -

Both. I've missed all of two launches in the last 14 years and have a reputation to uphold. :)

#47 Posted by Pikminmaniac (8597 posts) -

I plan to pick up a PS4 some time down the line so that I have access to all the 3rd party games Wii U won't get. I should be covereed with those two consoles.

#48 Edited by DJ_Headshot (6176 posts) -

Neither I'll just stick with my pc I upgraded earlier this year for my gaming needs.