Slenderman on steam Oct.28, "consoles" in 2014

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Now this is what I'm talking about. It doesn't mention what consoles, but I'm assuming it will be in the area of Xbone, PS4, and maybe just maybe Wii U. I really hope so anyway, late night session curled up on my arm chair late at night on the gamepad with my headphones plugged in would be really cool. So glad to finally see all these neat horror games popping up on consoles, that brand of gaming has been drying up and dying there.

Between the steep decline of Silent Hill and Resident Evil, and Nintendo buying the rights to all future Fatal Frame games and promptly doing NOTHING with it I was losing hope. Indie's to the rescue, and not a moment too soon.

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Oh boy, finally console owners will get to experience the industry's #1 hide-and-seek simulator.

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I'll likely play it just to support the genre, but I'd rather get the Amnesia games on console.

I'm playing Lone Survivor right now and that game has no business being as creepy as it is.