Skyrim: Ultimate Palapatine/Darth Sidious Character Build

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Hey guys. I'm new to the forums and I've seen a topic concerning this, but since it was closed, I decided to open this new one. I have come up with what seems to me the best Palpatine character I can make in Skyrim, and I'd like to know what you think or what suggestions you'd like to add. Skills: » Destruction - Novice/Apprentice/Adept/Expert/Master Destruction - Destruction Dual Casting - Augmented Shock (2) - Impact - Disintegrate » Illusion (ALL) » Alteration (ALL) » Conjuration - Everything that has to do with undead (not atronachs, not Bound Weapons), Twin Souls, Dual Casting and from Novice to Master Conjuration. » Restoration - Everything but Respite, Necromage and Expert/Master Restoration. » Enchanting - Enchanter (5) - Insightful Enchanter - Fire Enchanter » One-Handed - Armsman (5) - Fighting Stance - Bladesman (3) - Dual Flurry (2) - Dual Savagery - Savage Strike - Critical Strike - Paralyzing Strike » Speech - Haggling (3/5) - Bribery - Persuasion - Intimidation ---------------------------------------------------------------- Besides all this I also thought of other extras: - The clothes he wears being generally Black Robe with a Hood; - His main weapon (when I manage to get one) being a Fire-enchanted Ebony Sword (so it will glow red, like a Sith lightsaber); - Make him a vampire, so as to make him look older, and give him some extras abilities; - Give him a male, bulky, if possible deep-voiced follower, with Ebony armor and maybe an Ebony Greatsword, to represent his apprentice, Darth Vader; - Make him an Imperial, so he has the Voice of the Emperor ability. So what do you guys think? Any suggestions? And maybe some tips on how exactly to make his face as similar to Palpatine's as possible?