Skyrim problem !!!

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#1 Posted by kripton97 (14 posts) -
I was fighting with a dragon when, during the battle i pressed F5 to quick save ! One second later the dragon killed me and everytime i load that quick save, the next second i'm killed. The problem is that the last saves were made 10 hours ago and the auto saving feature was turned off. Can someone tell me what to do in order not to continue the game from those saves ( which i will probably not do)? Thanks in advance ! I'm very desperate because i like this game so much and it's frustrating to play it again !
#2 Posted by CrimsonBrute (23126 posts) -

How desperate? Enough to cheat?

If you have no problem cheating then while playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type following code and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function:

For God mode (Invincibility) type: tgm

Type the code again to turn it off.

If you don't want to cheat then you are out of luck.
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Thaks very much ! I think i will cheat rather than playing the same missions again... I'll check it out if this works , but i'm not sure about it because i tried to type in resurrect 1 after dying and i got into some... idk strange bug ( there was the death camera angle on me but i still could move). Hoping for the best and thanks for the answer again !
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ha ! it didn't work so i played again those 10 hours using cheats and easy difficulty in just 1 and a half hour ! That's how much i like that game !
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god mode was much easier dude