Skyrim Help : Is having a too strong companion a good or bad thing?

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#1 Posted by hutasoitnoel (16 posts) -
So I heard a lot that Cicero is the best killing machine companion in the game. But doesn't that mean that he will do all the killing for you, which means your character will not have a lot of chances to improve skills? My character is a two-handed weapon , heavy armor equipping nord. If Cicero isn't an option, then who should be my follower? EXCEPT LYDIA. I'm getting tired of her catchphrase "I'm sworn to carry your burdens"
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I guess it depends on your playing/fighting style, personally i hate having a companion as i like to sneak everywhere and pick them off one by one. But being a mage i would rather have a companion, if you have the settings on hard then have a companion but anything lower you really dont need one.

I would like to see other peoples views on this as wel though,

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My favorite is Bulwark from Markarth. He never complains and wreaks havok in heavy armor with any powerful heavy weapon you gift him. That chick you find in the tavern in Whiterun who was rejected by the Companions for being overly violent(Believe it or not!) is equally capable.
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If your companion does all the killing you don't gain any xp though :( but my new fav one is Serena frm the new dawn guard DLC, awesome spellsword.
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Companions aren't really necessary in your case, if you are a two handed weapon, heavy armour user then you are a complete tank. Companions are usually that, tanks to keep enemies at a distance from mages and such. And you are right, it will mean that your skills won't get a chance to be trained as much.