Skipping Turtles iOS Game (Teaser Trailer)

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We are excited to announce our upcoming game for iOS and Android. Skipping Turtles will be an exciting adventure game. Skippy, a world famous skipping turtle has hung up his shell to enjoy retirement. He has heard rumors of Salty, the notorious salt water crocodile coming back from exile from the harsh outback of Australia. As he was relaxing, he could hear voices outside and then heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and saw a group of his friends with concerned looks on their faces. Hops, a large red kangaroo explained to Skippy that Salty was back from exile and had brought back his minions to help him. Salty's plan is to reroute all the water to his exiled land through pipes and water slides, making it impossible for the other animals to survive without their precious water resources. Skippy's friends need him to come out of retirement and team up with his lifelong friend Snap, an alligator snapping turtle, to defeat Salty and restore peace again to the animals of Australia. Join Skippy and his friends as they take on Salty in the Land Down Under. Sign up on our website or like us on FB to receive a code for a free download when our game is launched.