Simulated Surround Sound (Binaural technology) vs. True Surround Sound Headsets

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What are people's opinions on the pros and cons of True Surround Sound (Tritton Dolby Headsets with 4 speakers in each ear) vs. Simulated Surround Sound (Dolby processing in Turtle Beach headsets - 1 driver with binaural sound)?

I've never owned Trittons, but I have a pair of TB X41s, and I literally could not be happier with the sound quality. In some ways I think the simulated surround sound is more effective than true surround sound. The processor basically reverse-engineers a binaural audio output from 5.1 or 7.1 surround data, so sounds come at you in much the same way as that "virtual barbershop" video on youtube. Not to mention, I think the biggest advantage of this is the absolutely enormous drivers Turtle Beach uses to deliver the sound. When you are comparing 50mm drivers with the 23mm drivers or whatever Tritton is using, its clear that the 50s are going to have much deeper, stronger basses, and higher sound quality overall. They can also get a lot louder without buzzing or getting tinny. Anyone have experience with both (particularly from a gaming perspective), and have thoughts on which is more effective?

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