Should The Next Infamous Games Have Multiplayer?

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#1 Posted by Darkspine77 (6 posts) -

It doesn't has to be online or versus, it could very well be just co-op. It should work as we saw with games like Last of Us, which had an amazing story and a multiplayer(which wasn't amazing). As well Sucker Punch has added a multiplayer feature to a previous title: Sly 3: Band of Thieves so they know they are capable. The question is: would we want it?

#2 Posted by IndianaPwns39 (5037 posts) -

I'm normally against forced multiplayer but an open world game with a bunch of people with several different powers running around blowing crap up would be awesome.

#3 Posted by Ish_basic (3962 posts) -

Oh yes. And please make the entire city destructible...just maybe 6 -10 people running around blowing the sides off buildings. Rock running through skyscrapers, divebombing, backstabbing with video. Seriously a full on destructible world superhero/villain pvp scenario just has to be done before I die.

#4 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (22911 posts) -

I'm inclined to say no just because I've always had so much fun with InFamous as a solitary experience.

But I had a blast with co-op in Saints Row, so why not eh? I wouldn't want a competitive multiplayer or anything, but a co-op setup could be fun if done well.

So while I ultimately don't think it needs it, if they added co-op I'd try to give it an honest chance.

#5 Posted by Skyz_ (56 posts) -

I think an infamous multiplayer could work well. Add a couple more powers and a ton of abilities to unlock, could be super fun!