Shooters of modern day.

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Alright then, i took a note and decided to start my own one.

Let's keep this thread troll/flaiming free.


I think this vid about explains everything.

Whoever said that is hard, must be part of this new generation of gamers.
I mean you don't even have to bother to shoot regardless of it being First Person SHOOTER, let alone need to go look around for anything.
Atleast in Doom and F.E.A.R. this does not work and you have to search items.

Unfortunately i was unable to play Metro 2033 since my pc is too outdated and therefore the lag made it unplayable.
But if the regenrerating is anything i've understood, that it takes very long time to regenerate, then im down with that.
FPS and shooters imo can evolve into that.

COD where you have to wait long time to regenerate, or not wait and go on the field with crucial health. A decision for player to make.

Also on a side note.
Poll could not fit more than five options so "other" includes all others we've seen eg. 007 Goldeneye, where you can't regain health anymore than what you had in start of the level but instead can collect armor.

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regen health.

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I like the way COD regains health. It is a little slow. But it should be. Someone should not be able to jump behind a barrier after being shot, and jump instantly back out full of health.
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call of duty

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Not meaning to bash anybody or anybodys opinions but care to explain why you choose certain option over another?

I haven't vote since i don't know anymore which i prefer over another. Traditional or Traditonal + Regen (aka Resistance/Riddick style).
Lately i've been playing Hard Reset and since this game represents Traditional style where there is only medpacks and no kind of health regen but only shield regen, im really enjoying that im cathing my self many times in afterfight situations where my health is flashing at 23 hp:D This really adds a huge amount of tension in to the game and imo makes it very interesting.

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I like exploring for health packs over regen health. So probably both.

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Voted on other. I play(ed) Call of Duty games (4, World at War, MW2 & BLOPS), Battlefield (BF2 & 3), Far Cry 2, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and currently have purchased Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.