shadow in sonic 3 and knuckles

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while I was play S3&k... along time ago actually I noticed this odd glitch. while playing act 2 of launch base zone. you encounter an underwater giant ring chamber very close to the start of the stage I discovered that by collecting the ring activating the sonic super transformation inside this chamber and pausing at exactly the right moment causes sonics colour pallet to alter for just a split second so that he bares a heavy resembalance to a certain ultimate lifeform, behold...

I've also noticed sonic turning orange maintaining his blue colour just after transforming and a glitch in hydrocity zone act 2 which somehow allows sonic to remain yellow but in his standard sonic sprite form after beating the boss.
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Thats awsome
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that is pretty sweet. Gotta show my cousin, he is a big sonic fan.
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How may attempts did it take in order for you to get that?
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I discovered this years ago back when sonic 3 and knuckles was still relatively new so I can capture it almost everytime now. course I obviously didn't realise the bizzare colour coincidence with shadow not around back then (time paradox?). essentially what I did was trigger sonics super transformation and imediately after pause usually catching sonic as he pulls in his arms and legs and then unpause and a split second later re-pause you should notice the colour change and with a bit of luck have just enough time to react and press the pause button. but the effect only last sabout half a second. if done right right you'll get sonic doing his super sonic roar but with back and black colouring.

not quite shadow granted but pretty damn close.