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I've recently started playing shadow hearts:covenant. I'm about 15 hours into the game. It has to be one of the most fun rpg's I have ever played. It's just a really great game. Are the other games in the shadow hearts series worth playing if I'm enjoying this one so much? And how long is shadow hearts covenant?
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the newworld is good to,
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I would play Shadow Hearts first, for story advancement. also SH2 has spoilers for SH1, so playing them in order is the best. but you can play SH3 anytime
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All three are great games, though From the New World does suffer a large number of similarities to Covenant. Technically, if you want to start the series at the beginning, you need to track down Koudelka for the PS1. It's a prequel to the original SH.

Covenant is definitely the best in the series, though the first Shadow Hearts is definitely the darkest game. As far as length, story only should last you 38-45 hours I would think. All sidequests included, I spent 85 hours, but I did absolutely everything and spend a lot of time traipsing along talking to people and such. Therefore, I should think you could do everything in 65-75 hours if you pushed hard.

Shadow Hearts one is significantly shorter. 25-32 hours for story only, maybe another 10 hours of bonus stuff if you do everything.

FtNW is about like Covenant, length wise.

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I advise you stop playing covenant and go back to play the first Shadow Hearts game. You're going to find a few tie ins that won't make sense I think if you don't. They're all fairly good games and the judgement ring system definitely gives the rpg game a little twist. Into the New World is a totally different storyline and was made by a different company as well but it definitely is just as good if not better than the previous two installments.
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IMO Covenant > SH > From the New World

Also, there is no real need to play SH to fully enjoy Covenant.

The main character of Covenant (Yuri) is also the main character of SH. If Covenant piqued your curiosity about Yuri and Alice's story, SH will give you all the details. I found Yuri and Alice's story as compelling as Yuri and Karin's story. Both games are very good at intermixing a dark storyline with humor.

Like Covenant, SH also has a wacky casts of characters (including a mystic, a femme-fatale, a nobleman, and a street urchin.) IMO SH's cast is not quite as strong as Covenant's, but SH's cast is still stronger than those found in most other RPGs.

Bottom line, Covenant is the tweaked version of SH. Covenant has better graphics and more fleshed out characters, and a slightly more refined battle system-but SH still has all the basic things that made Covenant so great. If you liked Covenant, you will find similar enjoyment in SH.

From the New World has a different main character-Johnny, a 16 year old detective. Johnny is a spunky kid who investigates paranormal cases. This changes the tone of the game somewhat. Where SH and Covenant are dark, tragic stories told with humor, From the New World seems more like a light hearted story told with dark elements.

Like its predecessors, FTNW also has a wacky cast of characters. IMO, it is the weakest cast of the series. Especially, Shania-she is just cringe worthy. Her only purpose in the story seems to be as eye candy. Since Shania is the character with the demon fusions, it messes up the coolness of the fusion concept. Yuri is super cool when he fuses into a demon, Shania, not so much. (I think even a 13 year old boy would become tired of watching Shania fling off her clothes every 2 seconds). Of course, not all the characters in FTNW are bad and some of them are quite good.

FTNW is not as epic as its predecessors. But it still has a great battle system. And it is a fun adventure.