Seriously now, how did you got into gaming?

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#1 Posted by V3rciS (2206 posts) -

Do you guys remember how you got into gaming? How old were you? What was the first platform you played on or owned?

Yesterday I was trying to fresh up my memory and I realized that it's been 19 years ago... (in a distant 1994) on my birthday I've been given a Nintendo SNES. Crazy days

#2 Posted by Amster_G (4290 posts) -

Years and years ago my brother got a PlayStation for his birthday. Some time went by, like maybe a couple of years, and he had lost interest in gaming so I began using it more and more until the PlayStation gradually just became mine. I was somewhere between the ages of 6 and 8 when that happened. Both my brother and I had an NES as well before PlayStation but neither of us really used it a lot. I do have great memories of it but I was so young. It didn't make me a "gamer" at that age lol.

#3 Posted by EvilSelf (3619 posts) -

Atari and Pong.

Then Super Mario on NES.

Then it came SNES

Then Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

and so on...

#4 Posted by Jackc8 (8500 posts) -

Went to an arcade in '81 or '82. Played Defender. Was dying to keep sticking quarters in it until I could get to the next level.

#5 Posted by jeffster85 (2286 posts) -
atari was my first system, but i think i was too young to really understand what i was doing. nes days were when i really got into it.
#6 Posted by Archangel3371 (16119 posts) -
Many, many years ago. I'm 41 and first started back when I was 6 or 7. I think I first played some arcade games then got an Atari 2600 as a Christmas present. Been an avid gamer ever since.
#7 Posted by AvatarMan96 (7324 posts) -

Can't really remember my age, but I got started with the N64.

#8 Posted by yellosnolvr (19302 posts) -
3 years old. dad played doom on SNES with me. brother played duke nukem 3d on his pc with me. really bad way to start your life, but i guess i didn't turn out that bad.
#9 Posted by PumpkinBoogie (3366 posts) -

Wow...let me take back.....back in da dayz. LOL :P

Well can say it started for me back in about '85 or so between going to arcades playin Pac-Man and stuff, then one of my cousin's got an Atari and we played stuff like E,T. and Custard's Last Stand ( I never realized how tacky lewd that game was, lol, I think my cousins did--they were boys after all). Then I remember a few years later when my mom & dad used to go over his best friends house, his kids (which were a bit older than me) got the NES and we played Duck Hunt & Super Mario Bros.

Geez, I was so hooked, begged by mom & dad to get me one! I never for get my 7/8 birthday THEY DID! One of my dearest memories was me, my mom (which never gamed), and dad playing Duck Hunt together. :)

Nobody can take that away from me....25+ yrs later that's why I'm the gamer I am.

#10 Posted by _Dez_ (2398 posts) -

My uncle gave me a Sega Master System when I was around 3, eventually had access to an NES. The rest is history.

#11 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -
i was probably in the 3rd grade and i saw a super mario bros. arcade machine. it's super mario bros. so not much needs to be said.
#12 Posted by FearMe801 (399 posts) -

when i was 3 (1999) i always watch my step-brother play Playstation then i play it.

then i got a Playstation, then PS2 then a little bit of gameboy, then PSP, then PS3, then PS vita

#13 Posted by jsmoke03 (13107 posts) -

mine is a weird story because when i started playing and when i got into games are 2 different times.

i started gaming after my older cousin bought a famicom (nes in the u.s.) and i saw him playing battle city, excite bike, mario etc....

when i seriously started gaming is senior year of high school and a game called tony hawk pro skater. i played the crap out of the demo and i skipped school to play that game.

#14 Posted by ydnarrewop (2137 posts) -
Commodore 64 when I was in grade 5 or 6. However, I have no idea what game I plaed first.
#15 Posted by Namgis (3592 posts) -

My brother had a 2600. I was 3 when I was allowed to play with it. I was fascinated watching my brother play BurgerTime, Q-Bert, Space Invaders, Centipede and Breakout. I remember some legendary Track & Field battles with my friends too. We went through quite a few joysticks, [spoiler] 2600wico.jpg [/spoiler]


3 decades later, I still play those games.

#16 Posted by Smokescreened84 (2515 posts) -
Back in 1984/1985 was when I started gaming, the first game I had ever played was a Spectrum ZX game called Granny's Garden, it was one of those educational school games. Very simple and easy to complete, I was the only one in the school to ever complete it. Others found it too complicated.
#17 Posted by SoNin360 (5648 posts) -
I'm not sure what the first system I played was. I want to say it was a Sega, but I really don't know. I think I got into gaming more once I had my own Nintendo 64. Didn't play many games, but I still played it quite a bit. Didn't really start playing tons of games until I got a PS3.
#18 Posted by josephl64 (4424 posts) -

my father gave me his NES when I was really small, don't exactly remember the details except for the fact that I had Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, and a fun Popeye game.

#19 Posted by Killzonage (397 posts) -
My parents came into my room with an original gameboy one day, hooked my ever since.
#20 Posted by jun_aka_pekto (17191 posts) -

The arcades were on the way home from school? :lol:

#21 Posted by hrt_rulz01 (6860 posts) -
The first games I played were on PC & Sega Master System... Games like Wonder Boy, Alexx Kid & the first Need for Speed got me hooked. But my true love of gaming started when I got a PS1. Crash Bandicoot.... Ahhhh, good memories!
#22 Posted by applesxc47 (10761 posts) -

For Christmas when I was 5 or 6 a family friend bought us a PS2 with Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex and that was the end of our potential :P

#23 Posted by hyperjj3000 (974 posts) -
I remember when i was around 4 or 5 years old crying at my parents because i wanted a "game" I have no idea what put that in my head maybe a commercial on tv or something and then about a week later my dad came in with one of those cheap handheld things which cost about $5 or so and it played some kind of space invaders type thing and then not long after that i was given an old commodore 64 and iv been a gamer ever since. Iv no idea why i like to game, my sister hates games. I actually got my dad into games, he thought they were boring until he tried out resident evil and hes been hooked ever since. I sometimes wonder if i will even not like gaming but i just cant see me stopping any time soon.
#24 Posted by Renegade_Fury (17444 posts) -

I don't know, I've just always been into it. In the beginning, I used to play "games" like Math Rabbit and Reader Rabbit on those big old floppy disks, as well as play on my dad's intellivision and my cousins' NES. Then when I got my Genesis, I became even more hooked.

#25 Posted by MathMattS (4012 posts) -

I must have been somewhere between 4 and 6. When I was little, I played arcade games in a local pizza parlor (my dad used to pull up one of the benches from a table to the arcade machine so I could reach it). My parents got me my NES when I was about 6. I stopped console gaming for a few years in 2002, and did some PC gaming. Then I got back into consoles in 2007 when I had cancer and I asked my parents to buy me a used PS2. Ever since then, I've had a Wii, a 360, and most recently a Wii U, and gaming is one of my 2 major hobbies. I'll be 30 in March.

#26 Posted by padavid10 (47 posts) -

I was about 6 or 7 and my dad came home with a ZX Spectrum 48k and a cassette player. Played games like Wild West Hero and Fighter Pilot before progressing to things like the mighty Dizzy.

I then got a Megadrive and PC (old 486 with a 66MHz processor) in the early 90s before PlayStation and N64 a few years later.

Been gaming for about 26 years now which is a little scary when I think of the face I'm only 33 and still love it and get excited about a new release on almost everything I own.

#27 Posted by dvader654 (44751 posts) -
Like so many in my generation, I got an NES. I was 3 years old, it came with Super Mario Bros.
#28 Posted by DJ-Wolfman09 (53 posts) -

my grandmother bought me a nes but i was too young to even remember, but my earliest memories of gaming was arcade cabenets and an old Mortal Kombat handheld, the first consoles i do remember owning was the Sega Genisis and Gameboy...

#29 Posted by V3rciS (2206 posts) -

The arcades were on the way home from school? :lol:


Oh dude this is also so typical, I remember back in the days with my friends, we were secretly skiping school and going to the arcades and after when school was finished we were simply going back home like nothing ever happened. I remember once my mother caught me at the arcades cause she received a phone call from the teachers. DAAAAAAAAmnn.....

It's really nice reading all these posts from people recalling their memories. To be honest I was not expecting so many old school gamers here, '80s? W00t...
Thought most would be after playstation era. Very nice... keep the posts comming.

#30 Posted by naju890_963 (8954 posts) -

I started gaming when I was 4 or 5 I believe on the PS1. I remember having the fat model and playing MGS, Gran Turismo, Mortal Kombat 4. Street Fighter alpha something something and a ton of other games. After that I simply became a gamer.

#31 Posted by jcopp72 (5341 posts) -

Long ago when I was oh about 7 I think, my Parents bought me and my brother the NES game console for Christmas, witch came with Super Mario Broes / Duck Hunt . After that day I was and always will be a gammer.

#32 Posted by Celldrax (14759 posts) -

I suppose it was on the Atari when I was 4 or 5 (around 22 years ago for me). But we unfortunately never owned any early Nintendo or Sega console, so it wasn't until the N64 (my actual first console) that I started to really get into a large amount of gaming.

#33 Posted by Lucky_Krystal (1390 posts) -

Played a few of my cousins games when I was 3 years old. When I was 4, my dad bought me and my sister a playstation 1 with spyro the dragon and some rugrats games. And my love for gaming took off from there.

#34 Posted by LordBrew (269 posts) -

I think it was playing The Secret of Monkey Island on an Atari ST when I was around 6, maybe 7, as well as hanging out at a friends house playing various games on her Amiga like Sleepwalker and Street Fighter 2.

My first console was a Playstation which I received for Christmas in 1997 (aged 9).

#35 Posted by Justforvisit (2660 posts) -

It all began with my aunts Amiga 500, followed by my uncles 3.86 PC and his game library on it and then, when I was around 8 - 10, my first own console, the SNES with The Legend of Zelda - A Link to The Past

#36 Posted by bowserjr123 (1624 posts) -

I played Mario Kart 64 at a friend's house back in 1997 and later I got my own N64. I was hooked ever since.

#37 Posted by Sweetbackhair (1926 posts) -
I started with the SNES with Donkey Kong, and been loving video games ever since.
#38 Posted by Kage1 (6764 posts) -

Back in the days(around 76) I had a Pong Machine and I got an Intellivision back in 1981, but I wasnt much of a so called gamer. I spent most of my time outside hanging with my friends. So I mostly played arcade games like Defender and Star Castle which was in the candy store.

It wasnt until 1992 when I saw Street Fighter 2 on the Snes sparked my interest into playing games on the regular. I did dabble a little in the NES with SMB in the late 80's, but like I said I wasnt what some one would consider a gamer.

#39 Posted by tempertress (409 posts) -

My dad got me into gaming from as early as I can remember. I think I started on Kings Quest games/Monkey Island and Heroes of Might and Magic which I had an unhealthy obsession with.

#40 Posted by MirkoS77 (8097 posts) -

I've been gaming pretty much since I could hold a controller. Well, not quite, but pretty close. I'm 35, born in '77, and started to game in the mid-eighties with my earliest memories consisting of the Collecovision, Atari 2600 and ST, and a few others.

#41 Posted by Pipsies (56 posts) -
007 Goldeneye. My friend brought over his N64 and 007 to our weekend sleepover. That was easily the best weekend of our Summer. We did not sleep, and we survived on nachos, PB&Js, and flavored water.
#42 Posted by Legolas_Katarn (15592 posts) -
I started when I was about three playing games on the PC and SNES in 1993. I played games like Aquanoids, Mario All Stars, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 1 and 2, and Hocus Pocus.
#43 Posted by GreekGameManiac (6439 posts) -


Cousins and family friends had NES',Amigas,and others.

For my sixth bday in 1993,a family friend bought be something called the Super Nintendo.

Bam,nearly two decades relationship with Nintendo.


#44 Posted by YoshiYogurt (5987 posts) -

My parents had a ps1(now mine) and I played it as soon as I could hold the controller and sit in front of the TV. Got a game boy color when I was 3 or 4.

#45 Posted by TheSacredFlame (324 posts) -

My father and brother played Super Mario Bros on the NES and I joined in. I was three at the time.

#46 Posted by BowlofNoodles (519 posts) -

An adult friend of my parents let me borrow his NES, and I played Contra and lots of SMB/Duck Hunt. I finally had to give it back after about a month.

I begged and begged for a system since all my friends had one, and finally....Santa brought one to me Christmas morning(still the best xmas ever). Later I got FF1, and it pretty much snowballed from there.

#47 Posted by speedfog (3337 posts) -

As far as I can remember, I played at my 3 some chil pc games. When I was 4 I received a ps1 with crash bandicoot. Got hooked and played bit later fps games on ps1 and pc.

#48 Posted by OneInchMan99 (1248 posts) -

Commodore 64..............great times!!!

#49 Posted by Minishdriveby (10335 posts) -
My Dad had a gameboy with Tetris. I played that then bought Bugs Bunny and Pokemon Red.
#50 Posted by Artriece (4 posts) -
It was either playing on my cousin's gamecube or our old PC with little kiddie games when I was pretty little. I remember my parents never letting me have a game system so all I had was a very old PC I had to share with two other siblings. One was a big gamer. Until I got my laptop that is. Then I played MMOs from 2007 to present. I just got my first ever big game system of my very own this Christmas, an xbox 360. I had gotten a DS two Christmases before. After the DS, my bro gave me his old xbox and ps2. The ps2 I still have. Now I have a gamecube I bought along with my sister's PSP. I also got a gameboy advance along the way at some point in a garage sale. It's display was VERY dim though. But I never recieved the old game systems to play, and none at all, up until the age of 13. Now I am trying to make that up by getting all of the old game systems now but that's proving to be a challenge. My next target would be the NES sometime after my convention in February.