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Hi, i've been searching for a GOOD mmo for a long time, but i just can't find it. well first of all i have to say that i've played some MMOs before but the one that really made me feel sick was runescape. For all RS players, dont get me wrong, i used to play it a LOT, i was member actually, i really liked that game, it was just awsome to me, all those levels, playerbase, quests, everything made that game just Damn good (except the graphics maybe, but to me, that was its charm) i decided to give that game another try and man, no words can describe the awfulness i witnessed, now i can say that Runescape does not longer exists. well enough with RS (for now), i also played flyff but quitted within a week, then i played Rappelz (from the same company), it was pretty cool for 1 year or maybe more, but now its all about cash shop and overpriced items so i just got bored. after quitting rappelz my search started actualy, i quitted runescape before that cuz i was bored playing the same game for about 6 years (with many breaks between them of course) checking on i found some cool games (or at least that was what they looked like), all i wanted was a good game with good crafting system the first one was Runes of magic, the review was great so i downloaded it, installed it and BOOM, i couldn't even log in, i tried hard but the game just doesn't wants to be played. then i moved to a kind of 2D MMO, "Battle of immortals", pretty good the first 2 days, then u find that u cant store anything, its ridiculous, what kind of game doesn't lets u store your things, well, you could store some items but the bank space and inv space was so low that it just pissed me off then i saw LOTRO, i didnt download at first as i did with RoM, i checked the main page, but it says that if u dont pay u cant get the max lvl so i just skipped it (it doesn't means i wont give it a try, maybe later). so the next on the list was Lineage 2 now free for all, ok pretty cool so i downloaded, installed it and... the game worked :D, ok so next step, the tutorial, i did it and quitted, i just didn't like it (i'm not saying its a bad game, i just didnt like it) well i can say that after that i could play some old games like Good final fantasy games, or even zelda oot XD. after that little break the search was still on, so again with mmohuts help i found AIKA, i refused to play it at first because its from g.potato, but i was bored so i just tried it, and i'm still playing it, but the game is just.... not what i'm searching for, is not bad, but knowing g.potato i can say that i'll get bored soon well, after that is when i tried runescape againd and as i said, no words can describe what i saw. i can say that i'm looking for a game with a good crafting system like runescape (with levels u can train besides combat, like woodcutting, cooking, mining, smithing, etc...) and a good player base i know there must be a game like that, maybe i should just pay for WoW but i dont want to do it yet.