Resident Evil 3 Nemesis........

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RE nemesis brings back a lot of memories, when i first played this game i was not able to beat it, honestly i thought it was too scary, i think it was late 2000.. now that i have a ps1 and RE nemsis i'm tryin to beat it, cause i think this game is my Nemesis...

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RE3 was a great game.. it wasnt as good at 2 but i think its one of the most underrated Resident Evil games imo. Nemesis was originally supposed to be a spin off and Code Veronica was supposed to be RE3

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RE3 its fantastic game

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Yeah I loved it and completed when I was young around the same time.

I was so scared I couldn't play it alone and only ever played it with a friend

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True.It was magnificent.Frightening.I still play it on PC from time to time, kinda addicted to it ,I can tell you that I've beaten the game over a hundred times in the past 14 years ,and still ,I find the music on the closing credits amazing.