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maybe its because video games are still seen as kids toys.. its definitely not as bad it used to be

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Yeah games are still seen by some as something kids play... They just don't understand it. But it's going to get better and better as time goes on because more and more people will have grown up with it.

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It's because a lot of gamers are still social pariahs.

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I think it sucks that people still think that way about video games. Games are fantastic.... Its the gamers who should be frowned upon ! :p

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I do feel this is something less frowned upon now compared to the past. A lot of people I know play video games or use Facebook apps and the like and are fine with talking about games or know people who do game. I don't know how this is outside of my own experiences but all I can say is just keep going with it, if you enjoy it and are not hurting others or yourself by doing it (i.e. you are not skipping work daily to play computer games or missing out on education etc) then you will find other people eventually who share your interests. I had similar issues in the past but now I work with people who are gamers and who enjoy talking about games, science fiction, films, and all sorts of things that people I used to talk to in the past would look down at me for. As long as you are cool about it (i.e. don't tell people they are idiots for not liking games as its just as bad) then you will find like minded people and it also may make people who hate gamers/gaming take a second look at how they act and they may change. Obviously this wont happen over night and generally speaking some people wont change but do not worry if people look down at you, there are worse ways to spend your money/time and if you enjoy it, who cares what the haters think?

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Because its seen as a waste of time, and the anti-social basement nerd stereotype still exists.

Sports are seen as socially, physically, and financially acceptable forms of recreation. Movies and books enrich the mind (and socially and financially viable). Art and music, well, it's art (and also socially and financially viable)! But games?! pssshhhh.... a waste of time that only trains kids to kill.

(The preceding was not my opinion, but it's how I see the non-gaming public looking in at people who really enjoy games.)

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It does not help that there are negative attitutes of gamers, especially how they behave online that may contribute why they are frowned upon by society.

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Gaming is not frowned upon in all society, but it's certainly more frowned upon in western society. You'd be surprised visiting other nations.

We have some older generations (lawyers, politicians) that just don't get understand gaming still acting as mouthpieces against gaming. We sadly have younger, more impressionable people that echo and parrot those mistaken sentiments.

BTW, this issue has gotten a lot better as gamers age. It was waaaaay worse in the Atari days, then later in the NES days, it still wasn't good in the SNES/Genesis days, and before any of those consoles the State of NY smashed and then dumped pinball machines in rivers. We have been on the uptrend since the first Playstation released. It's not perfect in western society today, but it's a lot better than the old days...still, there is loads of room for improvement, which I think will happen once the new generation gets in office.

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Games are still largely viewed as simply toys for children, a philosophy that Nintendo loves to promote, and more mature oriented titles such as TLoU are few and far between, and not nearly done often or well enough.

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@STB1001 said:

So I am 20 and I have been into video games most of my life. I am also a science fiction buff, fantasy buff, enjoys movies, and a variety of other things. But one thing that gets on my nerves is how society still frowns upon playing video games. Why is that? I have always imagined by 2014 video games would have been regarded as just another activity to enjoy. Why is it that video games are frowned upon but watching movies, reading, watching TV, etc are far more socially accepted? Will it always be like this or will the situation improve or get better?

Hmm, who cares what society thinks, but what society is frowning on games?, being a uni student i think 90% of my class is all playing games and among my friends its all of them and we often play games together. So i havent met anyone talking bad or down about gaming, unless they are 40+ and then who cares, they are old.

So not sure who you are referring to and being only 20 you should have parents who grew up in the early days of gaming, so they shouldn't be frowning on games, so perhaps the problem is that you spend more time gaming than being active and having a social life and thats what they are worried about.

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Correct and incorrect, there is a large population of gamers that started in the good old days that are now 35-50y old :)

Its the people who never played anything then facebook games and solitere, that think that playing games is for kids and only a casual 20mins distraction

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Not frowned upon... But still maturing. Games have evolved tremendously over the past 20-30 years from the mindless and mundane to well thought out and time consuming works of art. I always say that gaming this gen is no different than watching a movie or reading a book (it doesn't replace reading though kiddos). I've had people turn their nose up at my interest in video games but I blame part of that on pure ignorance. When these people (who probably have never played or seen a game being played in the past decade or so) think of gaming, they might think of the games that the media has told them to fear e.g. Doom, or games that they feel are geared solely toward kids e.g. Mario. They don't see the games with the engaging stories, complicated mechanics, and mind bending puzzles. LIke someone mentioned above, they think Farmville, Candy Crush and all the other monotonous internet/app games that have plagued gaming in recent years.

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eh what does society know?

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They require a fairly large time investment and the majority of them are marketed as a Michael Bay-esque experience whose main audience is children and teens, I think it's fairly obvious why society doesn't hold video games on a pedestal. At times I feel the video game community plays a part in the stigma as well.

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When you're bored, you're supposed to use that time to improve yourself... develop a skill, acquire new knowledge, whatever. If you like video games and have an ample supply, essentially you'll never be bored again. So the hobby can be seen as a replacement for otherwise productive time (much live TV, but that currently has a much broader appeal). So you're left with the stereotype of gamers being lazy and unambitious. And being known as lazy and unambitious is one of the worst things to be known for socially as an adult.

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@STB1001: Because people are stupid ignorant fucks, they need to die so we can actually get over this shit

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so, you're 20. i'm 40+ and video games are doin just fine. in fact, the faze between pong and a few years ago (and, i'll assume what point you're actually trying to make) is tough to find and make.

why? lol, the hot coffee crap is nothing. it's a juvenile attempt at an "argument." manhunt? lol. bioware and their "mature relationship" choices?

nope. this is about nothing.

i don't even have to think to counter people these days. that wasn't the case, at a certain point before.

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mostly only older people think their for kids nowadays, before the ps1 came out i had people in school call me a geek for been a gamer.... eww games grow up etc......

dont really see it nowadays even morons that dont have a clue about gaming know about certain games and dont laugh if you say your a gamer :)

im 30 btw and yep i played the new pokemon on my 3ds, got all sorts of consoles and a decent pc for gaming, been weight lifting and cycling up to 30 miles with big hills etc as well quite a lot :)

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Because much of the video game community a joke

You got a mic? Nuff said lol

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For the same reason a man having a genuine interest in dolls is frown upon by society, that's just the way it is and people's ignorance won't change or at least not easily.

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@glitter said:

For the same reason a man having a genuine interest in dolls is frown upon by society, that's just the way it is and people's ignorance won't change or at least not easily.

The same reason? Really?

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@bwompin: I take it back, never mind that. That was silly of me.