Reinventing game series.

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How much innovation do we as fans allow for in game series?

By this I mean, as a gamer do you love to see games being reinvented throughout a series? Do you love innovative game mechanics and character development that maybe differs drastically from the first game in a series? Or even, as a fan are you willing to let game makers try new things with series or games you've grown attached to?

Or do we shy away from and become intolerant of games that don't follow a specific pattern or stray from our expectations?

And what game series have you seen change drastically over time?

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Yeah.... Look I sometimes get pissed off at developers when they "fix" something that aint broken, however I'm willing to cut my losses and Just forget it.... Perhaps I'l look for a substitute.... Games are not as unique as people think they are......

For Example I was mad when Codemasters didn't add the cockpit camera for GRID 2..... I cussed and swore and then moved on......

President Evil fans on the other hand still got a chip on their shoulder.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

President Evil fans on the other hand still got a chip on their shoulder.

I wouldn't blame them.... not only was RE6 a complete letdown but it alienated both RE4 fans and RE classic fans.

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Its been 10 years now..... Right ?

I think if its time to realise the obviouse and move on if the supposedly worser sequels are doing better than the previous games.....

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I'm not really for or against reinventing game series' or franchises myself. As long as what is done in the game is something that I find fun and enjoyable then I'll be happy with it. I won't automatically dislike something just because it's different or it's the same.

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I thought Shadow Warrior was a great reinvention of an old forgotten game. Very different, more akin to painkiller. But still a cracking game. To me that's a perfect example of reinventing a game for a modern age while keeping and augmenting aspects of the original.

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As long it is done well I'm fine with it as Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorite games, but I hate 6.

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and President Evil 5 ?

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@Lulu_Lulu said:


and President Evil 5 ?

RE5 was just.. RE4 with HD grafix,mediocre level design and multiplayer... so yeah its just "meh" but it was fun to play with friends.

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The level design was practically the same....

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I believe most fans are afraid of anything that changes a game series in terms of "innovation." There are games that build upon the formula and create something deeper and better to play (see Silent Hill 2, Batman: Arkham City, Assassin's Creed 2, and Uncharted 2 as examples for games that made a series better). But there's always going to be that one thing in a game that pisses fans of the original so much that they immediately call betrayal.

I personally love seeing game mechanics becoming deeper and stories becoming better written and paced.

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@Lulu_Lulu: I hated President Evil 5 because it did not have Millard Fillmore in it. Seriously though I did not care for it as I felt the level design was weak as the flow was always very awkward. Plus the story was particularly bad and they ruined Wesker.

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Hey.... I hear ya.... But I'm not saying its good.... I'm saying its the same as President Evil 4..... Just with co-op.

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WTF is President Evil 4?

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Barrack Obama kidnaps the President's Daughter (his own daughter appearently) in Spain and Leon Kennedy is sent in to investigate and retreive her..... Then Runs For President....... Of Spain !