Recyx - New MMORTS for PC

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Hi all, proud to finally start talking about our game: Recyx. A Evolutive Survival Community Game, Developed with Unity 3D and smartfox server since 2 year. A MMORTS, that never stop, even if you are online or not. We are a little independant studio in Québec, Canada (reason for so much mispelling). We' ve work with a lot of distant developers to reach our goal, and its about to be ready now.

We are on Kickstarter for the last miles (we did'nt know about it earlier unfortunatly)


Thanks for any comments, support you could give us.

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It is a game of excellent quality, I was addicted to it! ---------------------------------------- FISPQ ISO 9001
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I have to ask, you said "it was", but our game it not realse yet! :shock:

Here is our new gameplay and concept video