Recommended RPGs for PS3?

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I recently got a PS3 for Christmas and was looking for a good RPG. I would like to know what RPGs you would recommend on the PS3. I prefer turn based RPGs, but I would not mind playing a different type. (I have Persona 3 BTW.)

Thanks in advance.

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tales of graces should be near the top of your list and NIER should not be on your list at all. You can download many awesome games right on the playstaion network. Chrono trigger, Final Fantasy 7,8,10 just to name a few.

If you havent played any of the tales saga's I would definately check them out..... some of my favorite

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Hyper Dimensional Neptunia Mk 2 is pretty good. Then like Choppin' said there's a lot of older RPGs that warrant a replay on PS3. Otherwise, Disgaea is a solid bet as well. I'm pretty hyped for Ni No Kuni but will wait to hear what other people figure.
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tales of graces should be near the top of your list and NIER should not be on your list at all. You can download many awesome games right on the playstaion network. Chrono trigger, Final Fantasy 7,8,10 just to name a few.

If you havent played any of the tales saga's I would definately check them out..... some of my favorite


Even if you never play NIER you should listen to the soundtrack. It really is a masterpiece.

As far as recomendations go, I've got nothing new to add. None of the games that came out this generation really floored me as far as being absolutely amazing, but then I havn't played all the games that were mentioned either. Ni no Kuni is probably your best bet though. Looks like it's going to be something interesting and new.

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Well I see you have Persona 3 so I would also pick up Persona 4. Nier is one of those games you will either like or do not like, but imo it was the better RPG that Squar Enix made compared to FFXIII and Resonance of Fate, so I would check that game out as well.

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If yoy like difficult games but still great, pick up Demons Souls and Dark Souls, and I have about 20 hours in Ni No Kuni and highly recommend it to anybody. One of the best games this gen if not all time

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Skyrim is a must (if you havent got it on other platforms) and although I havent played it yet, Ni no Kuni is on my shopping list. Heard nothing but good reviews so far
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First - Coming out this week: Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch


3D Dot Game Heroes

Enchanted Arms*

Eternal Sonata

Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Mass Effect Trilogy


Record of Agarest War*

Record of Agarest War 2

Record of Agarest War Zero

Resonance of Fate

Tales of Graces f*

Valkyria Chronicles*

*Top Recommended


I 100% agree with this list.

Edit: sorry for the giant wall of text, kinda got carried away typing and gamespot messed up my formatting.

Check out "Rainbow moon" on the psn store. it's a good RPG if not a little too grindy. It's a turn-based grid-system combat RPG (think RPG chess),

Also worth keeping an eye out for (most shops don't stock it anymore) "White Knight Chronicles 2" which uses a semi-real-time battle system, it includes white knight chronicles 1 too(with slightly updated features). it's basically an MMORPG with an offline story mode added so don;t expect a huge...length...from the story.

hyper dimension neptunia mk2 is decent though I personally found it extremely easy, it has a very standard turn-based battle system though it allows free movement around the battlefield making position important for hitting/dodging AOE skills.

disgaea 3 / 4 are great games worth a look, they have a strong focus on post-game content and are EXTREMELY lengthy if you want complete most of the game, they use a turn-based grid-based strategic combat system.

Dragon age 1 and 2 and mass effect 1, 2 and 3 are all very simmilar in terms of game mechanics. despite the obvious differences.

Dragon age is more strategic where an emphasis is usually placed on pausing the game to command the ai characters.

while mass effect focuses more on control over your own character where the emphasis is on character placement and line of fire (or sight). i.e. hiding behind barriers to dodge bullets or sneaking around a corner to ambush someone.

both games feature a good branching storyline, lots of player customisation and story decisions.

Rune Factory Oceans (Rune factory: tides of destiny in America, not sure about other regions) is a really good RPG that stretches away from the norm, while a spin-off to harvest moon at heart (it's a farming sim basically) it has extensive RPG combat mechanics that make you think at least a little about your character's skill development. it uses a real-time combat system that can be extremely hard until you learn the best tactics for given situations (usually: carry as many hp and rp potions as possible). the game's boss fights are long as you're not over-lvled or over-equipped, in which case they become cake-walks.

Dungeon siege 3: A diablo-style top-down RPG with a decent difficulty curve and good character development, overall a great game though a little short.

Trinity universe: a strange RPG with an extremely steep difficulty curve (surprisingly, I never finished it because of the difficulty in later stages), good turn-based RPG combat with a unique skill combo system that usually leaves you trying to remember each character's skill comboes. good character customisation and skill selection, reptetive random dungeons get a bit boring.

Agarest series:

Each of the games in this series feature an extremely good storyline, unusual monster capture/combine system for adding (monster) party members outside of the normal story ones. extensive skill/equipment customisation. turn-based combat with an emphasis on positioning characters in certain formations on a grid which allows the use of extremely flashy; long winded; over-powered comboes. 2 of the games are available on psn, just watch the download size if you only have a small hard-drive on your ps3, they require just under 30 GB to download (and are about 15GB in size once downloaded).

Left out a couple of games that were listed by other people above.

There's also quite a few PS1 classics on the psn store that you may be interested in:


Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9

Arc the lad 1, 2 and 3 (and Arc the lad: arena)

To name some of the better (or at least more memorable) ones.

Feel free to ask me for any details about any of the games I mentioned here.

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as far as turn based rpg's go, valkyria chronicles is really good. dragon age origins is in real time, but it's definitely not an action rpg. everybody has a reliable attack rate so it becomes much more about damage per second and cooldowns than reflexes and timing. plus you can pause battles to coordinate moves.

including other types, i think demon's souls and dark souls are the best rpg's i've played this generation. fallout 3 and skyrim (it performs much better now) are solid plays too.