Recommend me RPG or simulation games?

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Hi, I'm new here and I have read all the rules but I am still unsure if this question

belongs here so please; spare me D':

Sorry for my bad English.

I'm looking for old school RPGs for PC/dosbox (zelda style) but I only find

REALLY girly games. Not that it matters but I want to play something else.

Here are some games I have already played:

- Every Aveyond game

- Every Princess Maker game

- Cute Knights :Dd

- (Almost) every official Zelda, Pokemon and Mario games

- Every free horror game (like desert nightmare)

- Kudos 1 and 2

- Life Quest 2

- Every free sim date game :d

- Iron Sky

- True love*


- In English

- An adventure/fantasy, horror game is ok if the plot is good.

- Life management game (school, work, relationships)

- Main character is a boy (I don't mind a little mature content)

- Not too old

- Doesn't have to be free
- I don't mind repetitive games.

- *Characters are original and not stereotypical like in TL

I hope this wasn't too long.

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Your wishlist is for a game "not too old" thats impossible if your looking for PC dos games, those games would be pre 1995, over 20 years old minimum. Last game i had that could run in dos was probably made in 1996 or 97.

Best RPGs i ever played in dos were Ultima 7 The Black Gate and Ultima 7 Part 2 Serpent Isle. But they were also very buggy games, so thats something you kinda have to deal with. In Ultima 7 I remember items and some world items disappearing quite often later on in the game.

Best dos simulation games I played are probably are Simcity 2000, Simfarm, Theme Hospital and Civilization... although Civilization is a more a turn based strategy game but is somewhat simulation world building game.

Also maybe try Lost Vikings, its kinda a real time puzzle platformer i guess you could call it. Trine ripped off the ideas of Lost Vikings if you heard of that game.

Every dos game is pretty much free also at this point, so you can just download it, i don't think theres any real piracy worry with games this old since you can't even buy them... you could try to buy them at they probably the only place to buy them legal in digital form.

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My best suggestion to you if PS2 games are ok would be the Persona series Specifically Persona 3 and Persona 4. Both games are rpg/horror (mild horror true but horror nonetheless). They both have a male lead, involve life management such as having to go to school during the day and make friends and acquaintances and are of course in English. I am a bit biased here as Persona 3 is one of my all time favourites but if those are the things you are looking for in a game these two are probably well worth a shot.

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@Old_Gooseberry: Dos games are not too old for me :d

@sapphirethistle: I've been thinking about it but I didn't know it's for playstation 2 :o i don't have ps3 because I hate those movie -like games.