Recommend me a strategy game!

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#1 Posted by Wasd9595 (0 posts) -
Hi there I really enjoy playing Civilization 5. It's just the best game. But I need some other alternatives to play. Can you recommend me some? As i said: I like Civ 5, so thats the genre i like. I have been looking on Europa Universails IV but unfortunately my the specs of my Mac are too bad. Thank you very much for your help! :)
#2 Posted by yosipramajaya (1 posts) -
Have you ever played Star Craft 2? It's one of the best RPG game I ever played. If your computer is not strong enough, try some RTS old-but-gold games. Such as AoE, Rise of Nations, or Impossible Creatures II.
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Have you ever try MarketGlory? this game make me addicted!!! Here the info: You play as citizen in your country, the environment like real world. There are a lot of challenging feature such as : Fighting, Trading, Politic, Organization, War. In war you can attack other nation and also you must defend your country!! Man, this is the best strategy game that I've played.