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Quoted for Truth

The LIVE video game news show where GameSpot Staff members talk about recent, terrific, terrifying, and awkward gaming news.


Want to be quoted for truth? Simply express yourself in the comments below for your message to be featured during the show.

Show airs at 1:00pm PT so be sure to tune in to see your comment. You can also tweet to us during the show using #GSQFT.

Not a fan of twitter? Well then you can simply post your opinions about the following news pieces in the comments below and they may end up featured on the show as well. Here?s what?s in store this week. You're also welcome to drop by any of these news topics and to share something while using the hashtag #GSQFT as well. See you then.

What will we be talking about this week on Quoted for Truth?

Jenova Chen says PS3 players appreciate art more than 360, Wii players
Super Meat Boy dev slams mobile tactics
Microsoft confirms $99 Xbox 360
EA investing $80 million into next-gen this year
and Has the Diablo Franchise Stalled?

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It's a pseudo-replacement for the HotSpot, isn't it?

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Jenova Chen is an idiot. Please feel free to discuss.

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Why does Rockstar care more about Max Payne 3's multiplayer than they do the campaing?

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Why does Rockstar care more about Max Payne 3's multiplayer than they do the campaing?


Multiplayer typically leads to longer longevity for the game. Stories, especially linear ones (which I expect Max Payne 3 would have), are one-shot appeals.

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Chen must not realize that a lot of us play on every console. So where do we fit in the artisitc views?

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I tweeted in about Diablo 3...but did they even cover it? Or did I miss it completely?

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The only Rockstar game I enjoyed after GTA 4 showed why realism is a bad thing in a sandbox game like that, was Red Dead Redemption. Didn't like how linear Noeir was.