Quantum Break alternates between tps action and tv episodes

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Remedy has been working on Quantum Break for a decade and thinks that the multimedia focused Xbone is a the perfect platform for it (reasonable). They also think that Kojima's mistake with MGS isn't overlong cinemas, but the fact that the cinemas are polygonal and not real time (less reasonable).

Like MGS its quite possible this will nail the gameplay/game design (being able to manipulate time could make for some crazy scenarios). Also like MGS, people who want to skip the cinematics can. Its not clear if choices affect the game as well as the tv series.


So what does the ultimate Remedy game entail? It turns out that for all its aspirations, Quantum Break’s frame is a traditional one: a cover-based thirdperson shooter, albeit with time manipulation mechanics and set-pieces. But this isn’t just Bullet Time 2.0 – you’ll be able to move through time, the game’s tech simulating spectacular environmental destruction, but you’ll also be at the mercy of anomalies, which could leave you on the back foot. One example was shown at E3 earlier this year, when a cargo ship leaps forward through time, causing it to hit a bridge. And to suit the TV-like format of the story, players will take control of several different characters, including the antagonist.


“At the end of the episode, you get to play the bad guy, who has the most powerful time-manipulation powers of all,” Myllyrinne says. “So he gets to choose which future comes to pass. You play that bad guy; you choose the moment. Then, once you’ve made your choice, you can enjoy a high-quality TV episode where you’ll see how your choices impacted certain things.


Regardless of the content, why not render the episodes in-engine like cutscenes? Myllyrinne explains: “A game should be interactive and TV should be passive, or at least linear. For me, it feels more natural to watch a show than to watch a long cutscene. If I get a long cutscene… not naming names, but I start to wish it was interactive.”

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Sounds very interesting to me. I am a Remedy fan...

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That sounds strange.

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Im intrigued and it is the only game im actually wanting an Xbox one maybe but I just dont see it working live tv and game mixing I just think it could be corny.

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Seems like it would be cheaper to do it in-engine, but it's not like we're worried about the runaway cost of developing games, right? At least if you put your TV shows on TV you can recoup some of your costs through commercials and the eventual DVD/Blu-ray sales.

I'd also worry about the quality of the episodes given those added expenses...we're likely to end up with Sy-fy quality episodes. Just look at what the Uncharted games achieve in-engine and imagine paying for all the work it would take and the people you'd need to build sets, run your effects, etc to do it in real time.

Also, the last quote is stupid. "If I get a long cutscene, I start to wish it was interactive." So you build your game around TV show size cutscenes? A saying comes to mind involving pots and kettles. And if I can just watch them later, does that mean they have no real importance on the plot. Wouldn't I be compelled to do/watch everything in order if there was?

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I'm very interested in this game although I'm a bit worried about the live action stuff. I really enjoy cutscenes but always prefer the pre-rendered kind followed by in-engine then lastly live action. Perhaps this will all feel different with the "TV show" aspect.

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I am a huge fan of Remedy, but this idea sounds shitty. The live action stuff in Alan Wake was a nice diversion, but as a primary ingredient they would have sucked.

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So its Gears of War plus Something from the Syfy Channel plus option to choose cutscenes ? Awesome, where do I sign ?

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very strange