Q: Dark Souls 2 Sorcerer question

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I'm playing a Sorcerer in Dark Soul 2. I'm in the Forest of Fallen Giants Bonfire and can buy from Hag Melentia. She's selling Soul Arrow which I already have by default. If I buy it again from her, does it give me an additional 30 Soul Arrows (for a total of 60)? Also, if it worth buying the Heal miracle?

Thanks for the help.

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No, unfortunately Dark souls 2 doesn't work that way, instead you will be stuck with the two of the same spells, of course upon levelling up your attunment later on in the game, you will unlock another slot and I believe you may be able to equip it again, however don't quote me on that because I'am knight. As for heal miracle, your faith level needs to be quite high to use it and you may not be able to use it until you have raised that stat a little higher. Hang on however as you should find the Great Soul Arrow soonish.

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In DS1 it worked the way as @mesomorphin says, as if you buy the same magic again, you get to put it in another attunement slot, but it can't be added to the same slot. I would recommend that you don't buy the same magic again in the beginning, because there will be many magic types that you can add to your slots, rather than filling another spot with a magic you already have.

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Yes. You will be able to cast double the spells if you buy it, but you also have to put the extra spell in an atonement slot to be able to cast the extra spells. You won't need to cycle to the new spell to cast them, though. The Cast Counter just increases for the given spell, if you have more than one of them equipped.

BTW: it'll be awhile before you can can buy magic weapon.... A real long while, most likely.