PSDF Biography Series: Modified Soul

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Alright gentlemen, welcome to the PSDF Biography series. The subject of today's biography is of course, modified soul (Stylized as modifiedsoul). What can be said about Modified Soul? He is a multi console gamer, who is passionate about killing trolls. Seem respectable enough, right? Now, let's get on with the Biography before I begin to drag this bit out too much.

Early History

Modified Soul joined IGN on May 7th, 2013 (I actually remember this day, it was too goddamn hot!) A few months after the PS4 reveal, and a week or two before the now InFamous Xbox One reveal. It is believed that he didn't join to partake in the now rampant console wars. Though in time he came into the Console Wars eventually. He has stated in the past that he is excited for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, each for different reasons.

Interactions with the PSDF

Modified Soul was a self proclaimed critic of the original PlayStation Defense Force. Though he didn't give many reasons as to why, he did state that he had to point out the first rule of the PSDF (No Trolling) to several of it's members (Though he didn't mention which one's) He recently had an Interview with the PSDF, where he stated the following

"to be honest i was originally very critical of the PSDF around the time of its creation, I was OK with the idea of the group as the name implies but some of the members at the time were more about plaguing any article to do with MS to the point i had to point out rule no 1 of their own club. I will say as you have left and returned things seem to have turned around greatly"


Modified Soul has posted one "IGN Famous" blog post. Which was the post on October 3rd, simply titled "Trolls" Where he listed trolls of all types. The article got about 88 comments since the launch date, and has inducted Five trolls (FinalFantasy6, Junior_CE, Stray2615, pikminwarrior, and the imposter account for thatguynobodylikes) Some people that have been reviewed for inclusion are



SwaggotMC (Which for some fucked up reason didn't make the cut)

And NeutralXP.

None of these individuals were added to the list, as Modified Soul didn't feel they fit the criteria.

Continued Work

Modified Soul has continued to be active here on IGN. He commonly reads and occasionally edits wikia posts. And comments frequently on posts. He was recently seen on the offical IGN article "Are you planning on going all digital with your next gen consoles?" Where he could be seen speaking about the Xbox One's original DRM settings.

And that put's a hold on another episode of the PSDF Biography series. Come back tomorrow for a new episode of the PSDF Interview Series, this time featuring IronCadian7. Thank's for reading, may Cerny be with you.

Note: This episode was written on October 29th, and released on the same day.