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#1 Posted by islanders008 (60 posts) -
will any usb headset work on the ps2
#2 Posted by summer_star17x (2683 posts) -
i'm not sure but try it.
#3 Posted by Steel_Rain777 (1770 posts) -

I had a logitech headset, and it worked allright, but I'm not sure still(dont know why). Try to borrow one from a friend if anything.

#4 Posted by islanders008 (60 posts) -
theres no reason y it shouldn't right?
#5 Posted by summer_star17x (2683 posts) -

theres no reason y it shouldn't right?islanders008

it should work.
my PS2 logitech headset works fine on my computer, so i dont see why an original logitech wouldnt work on a PS2

#6 Posted by willxcool (2038 posts) -
yeah it does logitec would be fine
#7 Posted by spanky333 (885 posts) -
My Microsoft Lifechat usb headset did not work, so I got the official PS2 one. I have heard lots of good things about generic Logitech ones though. I think they make the PS2 ones anyhow.
#8 Posted by islanders008 (60 posts) -
ok thanks lll play it safe and just get the ps2 one
#9 Posted by trestx (116 posts) -
i have logitech, works great.
#10 Posted by jimm895 (7703 posts) -
I have a PS2 headset that I even use on my PS3 (I don't remember if it's the one made for the PS2 or it was a third party one).
#11 Posted by Fredrick2003x (2056 posts) -

My "official" PS2 headset worked fine for a few months and then snapped in half (it might be my fault, but I don't know).

It doesn't matter now though, most of the decent online Playstation 2 games have been taken offline.