Prototype or Spiderman: Web of Shadows with a dash of Hulk Ultimate Destruction

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I'm not going to list the many many similarities between Prototype and Spiderman Web of Shadows, mainly because I can't be arsed, but basically these games are literally almost identical in almost every way. Don't believe me? Get a copy of both games and play them. Right from the off they are similar. The whole format is the same as the Spiderman and Hulk games over the past few years, infact a lot of the special moves you can buy are just out of Hulk Ultimate Destruction (ground pounding, sonic fist thing, etc). Don't believe the reviewer-whore crap about innovation and originality because it just is not true! Now, before I finish I want to clear up the fact that I like this game and it is a good game but it is still just a more polished version of Web of Shadows with a different skin, damn even the story is similar. I was going to post a full review list and comparing the similarities but for some reason the review button doesn't work (maybe because the UK release date isn't till the 12th). And yes I have a copy and no it's not a pirate (I got it from a friend overseas, that's all I can say), I just had to break off playing to vent my disbelief as to the similarity. Anyway, get the game when it's out over here in the UK and you will see for yourself.

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I had low expectations for Prototype from the get go so I'm not surprised to hear this. It's just a shame that the most recent Spiderman games have all been crap.

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Dude if you watched the vids and did your reasearch you would know it is similar way before it came out where have you been under a rock.

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No Dude, I have not been under a rock, and I have said before about the similarities in several places after watching some of the trailers. But I always reserve final judgement till I actually play the finished game, and this is for other people's benefit who don't know that. Ok DUDE?
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Thank you for your post; I was wondering the exact same thing and found your post. When I saw a preview of the game depicting the opening sequence--the fully powered protagonist is fighting what looks to be insurmountable odds right before the climax and then begins the game via flashback--I too thought the same thing. From the viral infection to the even some of the powers (the arm tentacle comes to mind) the game seemed so similar (save the blood of course) to Web of Shadows. I really enjoyed Web of Shadows, much more than the game's mediocre ratings indicate, and usually my opinion mirrors the average ratings. However, this game's ratings range from 7.5 to 9.5 and with such a huge range, the mean, median, and mode don't really assure a valued purchase. Short of renting the game, do you have any thoughts on who would deem this game as a good use of $65? Apologies in advance--English not my first language.
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It's like when people compare Prototype to Infamous, there are some similarities but they are seperate beasts.
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Definitely. I completed Spiderman and I just started playing Prototype yesterday. Prototype is a tad more gory than Spiderman though lol. I can't recall there being ANY blood in Spiderman lol.

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they're still both pretty fun games to play even if they are pretty similar