Prototype 2 or The Amazing Spider-Man

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Hello there, I'm in the market for a new super hero game, and I can't decide between eitherPrototype 2 or The Amazing Spider-Man. I have enough money for either, but only one. I like the look of both, but from past experience, games developed by Beenox haven't been too good. Also, it confuses me that even though TASM isn't even out yet, the brand new price at GAME is £34.99, and not £39.99 like prototype was, or pretty much any new game is these days for that matter, which gives me the impression that it won't be all that good. Also, it's releasing on all platforms, whereas prototype is just the three main ones; 360, PS3 and PC later this year. If you could please suggest which one to get, and if your choice is TASM, then justify why it is arounf £5 cheaper, and if this will make a difference. Tank you, much love.

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Prototype 2 no contest. BOOM.
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to me amazing spider man will be better and early reviews said its really good