Pro-social games and Anti-social games

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Can anyone help me think of video games in which you have nearly exclusive pro-social goals, and also games in which you have exactly the opposite kinds of goals (anti-social)? Here's what I mean: Prosocial behavior: describes acts that demonstrate a sense of empathy, caring, and ethics, including sharing, cooperating, helping others, generosity, praising, complying, telling the truth, defending others, supporting others with warmth and affection, nurturing and guiding, and even the altruistic act of risking one's life to warn or aid another. Anti-social behavior: behaviour that lacks consideration for others and may cause damage to the society, whether intentionally or through negligence. Murder, rape, use of illegal substances, and a wide variety of activities are deemed anti-social behaviours. Anti-social actions also include activities that members of society nd objectionable even if they are legal, such as drunkenness and sexual promiscuity I'm also trying to think of video games with these criteria that are equally matched on things like noise, volume, # of people, graphics, etc - the best you can. I would also appreciate any related comments that you have. Thank you very much!
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This wasn't what I was expecting this thread to be about. I thought it would be online multiplayer (pro-social) and gaming alone (anti-social) :p

GTA I guess is ant-social but I don't think it falls in the catagory of rpgs. I can't think of any pro-social rpgs...

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For pro-social games, I was impressed by the Walking Dead game. It's a zombie apocolypse game that focses on how well you build your relationships with the other survivors. Usually I'm not into the whole zombie-genre, but this one is actually good.

Anti-social: GTA, the game is all about doing things that would get you arrested in real life. Yes, you get arrested ingame as well but that sentence only takes 1 second.

Other then that I remember going into people's houses and smash their jars in the Zelda games... that's pretty anti-social as well.