Professional Assassin Games

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Ok guys, so I'm looking for games that you play as a pro killer, not like GTA where you can just go out and shoot people like crazy, I'm looking for something like Hitman, Tenchu or the Assassin's Creed series, where it makes sense for you to be a killer and be stealthy and all. It may even be something like an open world game where you can join assassins guilds, like the Elder Scroll series (the Dark Brotherhood), but I would rather have something which the game mechanics are built for that purpose. Preferably for the Xbox 360 and PC. Thanks.

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Well besides the obvious choice of Hitman, Dishonored has you playing as an Assassin where each mission's goal is to take down a different target.

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Death to Spies and... Project I.G.I, I guess?

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Thanks, guys. I've never heard of Dishonored, neither Death to Spies, I'll make sure to check on those. Perhaps someone else knows more games that fits the criteria? Thanks.

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You can try thief

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skyrim darkbrotherhood quest line

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Definitely Dishonored. It's a very fun stealth action game where you can assassinate targets if you choose to do so. Or you can gt rid of them in non lethal ways. It's all up to you.

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as a guy who's played assassin's creed 1 without any hud for the entire game, i know what a true assassins game should be and so do many others.

the game was oh so close...

lol, you can't even realistically play ac2 without a hud. lololololol. fu devs.

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Try out Splinter Cell blacklist.

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Hitman Blood Money and Dishonored.