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Hello everyone. I was trying to find the right place to put this topic would be. I know that many of us have played games at the arcade. We have all dropped quarters into these coin-op systems. I wanted to get everyone's feedback on what your favorite arcade game is. I'm not looking for the best arcade game, I want to hear what is your favorite arcade game and why. I know there are many to pick from. From games like Gauntlet to Mortal Kombat.

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I have spent hundreds of tokens playing house of the dead (1,2,3,4)
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I love time crisir 3 i spend a lot of many ,metal slug ,marvel vs capcom, and others!
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Metal Slug for sure

I only beat 4 in the arcade I've almost beaten 1 in the arcade but I only had like 2 bucks on me and I've layed and beaten X and 3 on my old Neo Geo machine I had. I also had 3,4 and 5 for xbox and now I've got 3 again on XBLA

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Dragon's Lair

Mach 3

And they came out with a game that was holographic. Really something to see.

Thefirsttwo games were Laser Disc based

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LA Machine Guns
San Francisco Rush 2049
Star Wars Trilogy
Maximum Force
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metal slug, tekken
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Prop Cycle, or Tempest (until they make a good console controller for it)

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I've spent countless quarters on Time Crisis II, Time Crisis III, Area 51, House of the Dead, and House of the Dead II.
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If I was going to buy the arcade machines? I'd probably get "Hard Drivin" and Virtua Fighter 1 or 2 dont remember which one it was. Arcades are dead and burried in my town essentially ever since consoles came out. I havent been to one in a very long time.
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I remember spending countless quarters on Street Fighter 2 and X-Men Arcade game.

Remember when Mortal Kombat hit arcades for the first time? Parents tried to keep their kids away from this lifelike violent game. That was the most popular one we had at our arcade. I guess controversy created cash hehe

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The Three Stooges

Real Ghostbusters

Star Wars the Arcade Game

Street Fighter II to Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Several 90's NeoGeo games

Atari's Tetris

Battle Ballz

Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr

Pac-Man and Ms Pac-Man

I was never forgetting about Tic-tac-toe Chicken. I played it with live chicken at Chinatown Fair. I lost many times, and tied, few times. I could not beat it all time.

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I played time crisis(all games) and Street figther
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Prop Cycle, or Tempest (until they make a good console controller for it)


YEAH for tempest.. nothing like stumbling on a tempest machine in a service station or something! Hey.. where did all my change go?

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Wow, all of these responses and not a soul saying any of the four player glory games of the early 90's. If I had to rank them I would put them in this order.

Street Fighter 2: CE
X-Men (probably tied with SF2:CE)
TMNT (pick one, they were all great)
Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Mortal Kombat II
Final Fight
WWF Wrestlefest
X-Men: CotA

I miss the days of going to an arcade and being able to team up with three (in X-Men's case five) other strangers in order to take down hordes of the same bad guys and larger than life bosses. Sure, there are some awesome games that we haven't seen, but I recall going to Tilt and playing most of the day with my friends. Capcom probably owes me some money.

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I always enjoyed Silent Scope and probably those 4 way racing matches with the Daytona 500 game where you actually sat in the mock-up cars
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One time I spent like all day playing X-Men. It was awesome.

I like TMNT too.

And I could also spend hours with the classic Galaga

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My favorite arcade game is a tie between 2: Commando (by Capcom) and Black Tiger (also by Capcom). I played these games a LOT in 1987 while my parents bowled in their league on Friday and Saturday nights.

Commando is one of the first games I was really GOOD at, more than just played. I just couldn't get into Bionic Commando as much as I did Commando. I plan to get Commando 3 whenever it comes out on Xbox Live Arcade.

Black Tiger, I enjoyed because of the RPG-type elements, gain gold, build up armor and your weapon, mixed with all the action. Magic Sword was similar, almost like a sequel.

After those 2 games, I'd probably put TMNT, Pac-Man and Galaga to fill out the rest of my top 5.

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house of the dead and time crisis is fun esspcially when youre playing with a friend.
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i have a few favs i no longerh ave access to but here they are

cops- lovei t if your in florida go to fundepot or boomers, they have it

another one which i do have on snes and scd is lethal enforcers another gun shooting game also with movie like visuals, not xbox360 like bu t you know , its a cutscene like game

another would be crusin world which i have also on n64 so i always have it minus the wheel ,

thats all i really liked as all the others are either on my nes -etc well those are to but those are original and greatr

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Pretty much anything made by Taito. all the way from Qix to Raiden III

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House of the Dead 3 and Time Crisis
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Every House of dead except the third, all tekkens, and that classic Avengers beat 'em up.
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My favorite arcade games of all time were :

- WWF Wrestlefest

- WWF Superstars

- Wonderboy

- Rastan

- basically any other Sega old-school arcade game.

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I almost always played beat em ups arcades,my favorites were Final Fight and Captain Commando.

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These are the arcade games that I've dumped bags of quarters into:

-Final Fight
-Ninja Gaiden
-Street Fighter 2
-Mortal Kombat
-Mortal Kombat 2

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Double Dragon, Final Fight, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat I & II, Golden Axe and TMNT.

One more, Sunset Riders :D

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I played time crisis(all games) and Street figtherAlexspy99

same and they are my favourite coin-op games along with metal Slug

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WWF Superstars

WWF Wrestlefest

Ninja Turtles

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Metal Slug for sure

I only beat 4 in the arcade I've almost beaten 1 in the arcade but I only had like 2 bucks on me and I've layed and beaten X and 3 on my old Neo Geo machine I had. I also had 3,4 and 5 for xbox and now I've got 3 again on XBLA


No doubt about it!I have no idea how much money i've spent again and again on this great game with a friend of mine!!!

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Time Crisis, Dig Dug, Galaga, Megaman: The Power Fighters, Metal Slug, TMNT, Marvel VS. Capcom 2.

There was some really fun beat em up at my local arcade, I think it was called Dungeons and Dragons.

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Metal Slug 1,2

Tekken 1,2,3,Tag

Sunset Riders

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My favorite would be Mortal Kombat 1 mainly because that game is so freakin sweet!
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I have spent many a coin on Time Crisis 1-4, Metal Slug, House of the Dead, SoulCal, and various Tekken games. All of which are very very good games. My favorite though would have to be the time crisis games for sure.

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I still visit my local arcade regularly, and if I had to think about how much money I have spent on arcade games I think I would narrow it down to the following 3...

1) Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune (1-3) - I loved the save feature, and being able to transfer your card from the first game to the second game and eventually to the third game made me keep coming back for more.

2) The House of the Dead 2 - Quite possibly the best game in the series (and the hardest) I have played it so much that I can almost make it through the thing in one credit. A big improvement from when I was 10 and dumping $20 into the machine.

3) Time Crisis 3 - It seemed I couldn't avoid this one. It was at every Dave and Busters, Gameworks, Alladin's Castle, etc. that I came across. I couldn't resist putting in a few credits every time.

Honorable mentions: Soul Calibur 2, Gauntlet: Dark Legecy, Raiden Fighters.

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Well since im a young 36...I have to go with MS PAC MAN...But one I have played some in the last few years was DDR.
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Mine would have to be SF:Rush: The Rock and 2049. Loved playing those games in the aracdes!

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ninja tutrtles arcade game, all the fighting games in the 90's ,x-men the arcade game
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Street Fighter III.
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Defender Stargate. I want an arcade Cab of it.

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Galaga is at the top, followed by
Ms. Pac-Man
Centipede & Millipede
Mr. Do
The Simpsons
Hogan's Alley

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street fighter II, killer instincts 1 & 2, x-men, the simpsons game.