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I have an idea for Portal 3 it takes place 15 years in the future and Chell's daughter Gladia named after GLaDOS is going to be tested. You want to keep that from happening so you break into Apeture Science to save her. On floor 4 you find and GLaDOS sends both of you to floor 1 and makes the puzzles 3x harder! A new addition to gameplay is switching between Chell and Gladia. Chell can jump farther and can use gels. Gladia can push things and run faster. Anyways to complete the game you go through 100 floors of testing. Then you go the 5 floor GLaDOS chamber. You use Gladia to push blocks in to a special pattern and use Chell to a special gel for the fight called "That gel" which explodes on contact with her the blocks are to keep you from getting hit with her ball of fire and the HUGE spike balls and plates! So what do you think?
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No.  I suggest a reboot or at least a soft reboot.

The appeal to 1 was the enigma and the appeal to 2 was the satisfying conclusion.  A derivative plot for 3 would be laughably bad.

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They must play it very smooth on Portal 3 if they want to keep Portal one of the best franchises ever.

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I would like to recommend a simple but funny (brain development) game. It was funny to me. I hope the same for you guys. Here is the Google Play link
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Recommand another logo quiz game.
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Recommand another logo quiz game.