Please can anyone help with the name of this game?

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Hi. I used to play a beat 'em up coin op game at my sports centre and can't remember the name of it. It was side scrolling (a little bit like Final Fight) and the two main characters were a dark haired guy wearing a martial arts outfit and a blond guy wearing a stars and stripes outfit. It would have been about 1993 or so.

Can anyone help?


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maybe streets of rage?
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Metal Slug.
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Nope, it's neither of them. The blond guy had a full on stars and stripes outfir (I think it may have been lycra stars and stripes trousers). The other character looked a bit like Ryu.
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Maybe it was 'Renegade'. I have to tell ya it's going to be hard to track down that game with the info provided, thou.
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double dragon 3
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Found it!! It was Street Smart. Sorry, the guy's trousers weren't as covered in stars and stripes as I'd first thought. Always remember better graphics too.