Playing Guild Wars 2 low FPS?

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#1 Posted by seahawksfan84 (8 posts) -

I think that my computer should handle GW2 just fine on high settings but it tends to lag alot, im getting FPS between 15-35. Anyone else has this problem?

i5 3.4ghz

Radeon 6950 2gb

8gb RAM

1920x1080 monitor

#2 Posted by kalilyrr (12 posts) -
Try to get the minimum and maximum requirement compatibility of the game then compare it to the specs of your pc.
#3 Posted by j-rod886 (7 posts) -

You easily have more then enough to run this game at max settings, just make sure you have up to the date drivers for your graphics card. For Nvidia cards GW2 recommends a beta driver, I'm sure it's the same for your AMD card. Should make a huge difference.