Playing 007 Legends - stuck already!

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#1 Posted by boboki51 (25 posts) -
I need help getting out of Blofeld's office. I've found everything I need to find, but I get killed by the nerve gas. HELP!!!
#2 Posted by maxvalo (79 posts) -
Shoot the glass window!!
#3 Posted by modpants (25 posts) -
I threw I have killed all the people in the room but I can't get in to blofields office I put the pin in on the door but it won't let me in Wot code is it please
#4 Posted by modpants (25 posts) -
Please help me ASAP I have scanned it
#5 Posted by Nowuseeme007 (25 posts) -
i think it was 1703 the finger prints go from lightest to darkest
#6 Posted by Nowuseeme007 (25 posts) -
can any1 help im stuck in the next stage how the hell do you keep up with Tersa on the ski?
#7 Posted by grandad14 (25 posts) -
im stuck on same thing, cant keep up with tersa on skis, please help.
#8 Posted by Misslinds (25 posts) -
Hey so shooting the glass doesn't work. Is there a certain weapon I need to use?
#9 Posted by Misslinds (25 posts) -
How do I disable the cable car when I'm chasing blofeld????
#10 Posted by sukraj (24202 posts) -

on chan get window break get in ok boss.

#11 Posted by mervin78 (25 posts) -
I´m getting sick with this. have the same issues