Play-by-email client lets you play DOS turn based strategy games by email

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Hey all. I've just finished making a new program called PlayMailer for Windows 7/XP/Vista, which automates playing old turned based strategy games by email. It's basiclaly like a multiplayer networking addon for old DOS turned based strategy games. You can read a full description, look at some screenshots or download the program below. PlayMailer supports 3 games at the moment: Master of Orion II Warlords I Chess Titans (Windows 7/Vista chess program) I plan to add 1 new game per week hopefully. Play-by-email has the advantage that you can play a leisurly game over several days or weeks. You can close the game after your turn, and be notified next time it's your turn. Basically how it works:- you put in your email account details, create a new session with a player list, and then PlayMailer will launch Master of Orion II, configure all the players within the game, including any custom race settings (by automatically moving the mouse around and clicking on stuff) and load your turn. When you've finished your turn, you press a hotkey, and PlayMailer automatically saves your game and sends the save file to the next person, who receives a notification message and can launch their turn with a button press.