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Planetside 2 getting a 64 bit client running really nice.

If you never tried it you can create an account here

You get a free Welcome Pack (free guns and XP_boost) to get started.

To claim the free stuff, log in to the game and go to the notification screen (default press K).

Additionally you can use the following codes in game to get some free decals and XP and Ressource Boost.

(To enter the codes use the bottom menu most right point on that page left hand "enter code")





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@fiawen: Cool. Gonna wait for the PS4 release to try this. https://www.planetside2.com/ps2onps4

I'm guessing from your enthusiasm that it's a game worth playing?

Imo yes. It's ofc not flawless but after a rather long time of disappointments its a fun to play game.

Not the easiest to get into, had alot of "where did that shot come from now?" in the beginning, as it's playing on really huge continents not the usual smallish lvl design.

Tips i can give:

Best stick to one continent first and get used to smaller parts of the map learn where hiding spots are, where sunderers often perk (Troop spawn vehicles), usually Indar most busy.

Before you unlock a weapon go test it in VR-Training which you can access at your Warpgate the terminal in the middle of main room, and after that trial it in real gameplay

If you want to gain Certs fast (the currency to unlock weapons and equip), play medic or engineer, reviving your teammates and repariing MAX-units and vehicles gives alot of xp

As engineer you can always deploy ammo boxes even when not using the utility slot for it so you can use it for mines or C4 , have the mana turret active and toggle it with default B to drop ammo (ammo box gives xp when ppl resupply there too)

If you play Spy no matter which cloak you use, you are NOT invisible when you move,while standing still crouching you are not visible but can still be detected by scout radars or be spotted with the darklight flashlight attachment.

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@fiawen: Thanks. Some great tips these. Pity my PC is around 5 years too old to play it now. Heard a rumour this will be out for PS4 in May-June this year so looking forward to having a blast on it.