Phantom Pain connections, check this out

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So I am currently in finals week of school so I wasn't able to see the VGA, (I also don't have cable so that was also a problem) but I am also done and when I come on I see all of these rumors of MGS and this Phantom Pain. I have done some looking and some researching and with what I have I would like to connect some dots here.

Let me open with this, Kojima likes to mess with us, and he will go to extremes to keep us off of his trail. Do we all not remember MGS2 and Raiden? He has even come out and said how he didn't like Raiden but he was still willing to keep him a secret from the whole world until we played it on day one. I wouldn't be surprised in the least, if at the last second, Kojima changes everything or actually tells us what is going on.

With that let me continue.

I have watched the video many times and I have looked at others predictions and I have put together some ideas of what it might be. One idea is that deals with Les Enfant Terribles. If you look on the MGS database (download on the PS3) it does give us some information about this project. Another idea is that this is what takes place inside of Big Bosses head while he asleep inside of SOP. My last idea of what this might be is just a big hoax to get people interested in the game.

Check out my blog for my whole break down and my entire investigation of Phantom Pain. I do this because I don't believe GS would allow me to put all of my writing up on the forum. Let me know what you think, I love the feed back.

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Actually the theory about it being a dream might be legit. I had this thought as well after watching it a couple times and it says to wake up and then there is the fire unicorn/pegasus and the giant whale so I think that would be a sweet premise actually but as to if it's in Big Boss's head idk it would make more sense if it was when he was in SOP.